Sunshine Life Day 2 – Gratitude

If you aren’t grateful for what you have, you’ll never appreciate what you get.

Gratitude Quote

After you spend time thinking about the life you want and what you would change, it’s important to spend a day being grateful for what you have.

Start each morning reviewing your blessings. In fact, start a gratitude journal.  Every single personal development book or guru will tell you that your life will change for the better if you take time each day to write down the things you are grateful for. Don’t just think about it, start it tomorrow. You’ll be amazed how it changes your life.

In fact, I’m convinced that a simple inexpensive journal and pen could replace thousands of dollars in little “happy pills” across the country if people would just take the time to do this one simple step.

Think gratitude and appreciation all day long. Toward the people you meet, the situations you encounter and the experiences that you attract.  Enjoy smiling all day.

Tomorrow we talk about taking steps to create change.

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