Create a Sunshine Life – Why I do it

wow, this was probably the hardest truth I’ve publicly faced. Go big, or go home, right? It’s time to drink the kool-aid and BURN Plan B to the ground.

So why, does a woman who has been successful in the corporate world, that admittedly HATES MLM’s (selling to friends just seems WRONG on so many levels), and is a successful small business owner, doing in Network Marketing?

I know, right? That’s what I said. But screw it. I love it. I love my mentors. I love the people I work with. I’m completely and admittedly Pollyanna. I love the idea of good people doing things for the right reasons. I love working with people that believe in the Law of Attraction and think that Giving Back is the most important truth. I love being a part of Mastermind groups that thrill, enlighten, and excite me.

I’m all in. I love what I do. I love what I can do with these resources. I LOVE that I can earn a great (seriously great) living from home so I can pick my kids up at 3, instead of doing extended care after school. I LOVE that I have time to figure out Paleo cookies for a tea party with my daughter. I couldn’t do that before when I was working corporate.

I thought I had to choose between Time and Money. But all I had to do was work on the vision. Dream bigger.

what do you think? are you in?

Create your Sunshine Life…NOW.

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – If you’re slightly curious about how it works. How I can make money, without parties or cold calls, on my laptop – CLICK HERE.

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