Create your Sunshine Life – Day 5 – Take MASSIVE Action


So, you’ve decided what you want to change, been grateful for what you have, surrounded yourself with wicked smart friends and been persistent in your desires… now what? Take Hugo Massive Action… NOW.

It doesn’t matter if you want to heal your family, make more money, travel or laugh more. It won’t ever happen if you don’t complete the most important step. Take action. Stay clear with what you want and don’t look back. Take a step every day, every hour towards your goal. Don’t worry about what anyone around you says or thinks or does. Just keep moving forward. This is your life. If the people around you don’t like it, you will find new people that Love it. And more importantly, you will LOVE. YOUR. LIFE.

Imagine that. I’m working on it every day myself.  Keeping myself on track. Taking steps. Getting comfortable at being uncomfortable. Putting it all on the line with no Plan B. Those that put all their chips in are the ones that come out with a big win. If you never really commit to the task at hand you’ll never really have complete success with it.

I’m changing our world. I’m consistently finding solutions to our health problems. I’m even getting quite good at it, if I do say so myself. Starting to notice the nuiances between the outbursts from needing more routine or those that were exposed to some nasty chemical. I am successfully trying new methods and seeing great results. We are moving forward with HUGE SUCCESS every day. It’s important to remember that. Celebrate the victories at each turn.

Create your Sunshine Life

~Clover Sunshine


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