The *&(^ Dentist.. I mean seriously? And a Mommy Ninja Trick for unruly kids …


Yesterday, Avani had a dentist appointment. Anyone with special needs will tell you that dentist appointments are a special kind of torture. Seriously, I got karma points yesterday for sure. See, although we don’t eat sugars or drink juice she has a mouth filled with cavaties – go figure. She has a phobia to needles that is unrivaled. So they have to use laughing gas. Fine for most kids. But MY daughter has a violent reaction to pretty much any drug. I mean VIOLENT, RAGE reaction. She cleared about an entire wing at Childrens Hospital when she woke up from her MRI. They underestimated her sweet look and dropped like flies! (funny in hindsight but not so much at the time). Back to the dentist. I had to pick the fullest moon of the year to go, she went bonkers coming out of the gas. I had to carry my 6 year old flailing out the doors while she clawed at her face in a desperate attempt to feel SOMETHING (anesthesia). She had a very hard afternoon. We both did. It’s emotionally and physically draining. BUT this story has a happy ending.

But she came out of it. She pulled it together. She took a nap and then used her words to speak about how she felt about the experience. This is a monumental step for us. Normally it could mean two days of hitting and screaming and rage. She got it through her system in hours. We had a lovely night. Really, truly Lovely.  She lost her first tooth (unrelated to the dentist) and proudly and sweetly held it up to show us.  It was honestly one of our best evenings of the last several weeks.

OK. I might have had a few Mommy Ninja tricks up my sleeve this time. What were they? I thought you’d never ask… (this is for my daughter with serious outbursts.. of course choose for your own child wisely…)


-Gentiana Complex – This is care of my super duper great friends at TigerLily Acupuncture. I’m not an herbologist, but let’s just say it drains the “anger”. It is a chinese herbal supplement. We use it frequently during bedtime madness or other uncontrollable times. Fortunately, she will swallow a pill now. This stuff is legit. If you have an angry child, it’s the bomb.

– ER911 – OK THIS stuff is really really great too (I’m such a fan). It’s a tasteless, homeopathic spray. The bottle says “support during emotional, mental or physical truama, high pressure or stressful situations… ”  it goes on and on with everything you’d ever dream it would say. Spectrum kids are kind of stressed a lot. I keep a bottle in my purse. Again, care of the good people at TigerLily.

Pure Body Touchstone Essentials Zeolite – This is gold in a bottle. All natural chelator. My kids are seriously toxic. Heavy Metal toxic. Pick up pesticides and crap everywhere we go and it affects their brain, nervous system.. everything. This is a colorless, odorless, tasteless spray of ZEOLITE. Google it. Zeolite attracts “junk” in the body (that’s my technical term) because of the way it is charged. It’s very very safe for childrens and even pregnant women (do your own research first OF COURSE). I don’t give my kids anything unless it’s infant safe. We are too fragile. It is strong. We started with a single drop every day and increase dosage every 3 – 5 days. The first month was hard getting the bad stuff out, but it has changed our life. We have gone from a 9.9 daily on the Richter scale to a measley 6.3. And sometimes, even a 4.1. So there. Victory. I claim it. It’s only around $25 a bottle for the drops (more for the spray). I cannot recommend it highly enough. I spray her before and after medical procedures to help her clear out the toxins quicker.

– Balance Oil by DoTerra. Huge Fan. Huge. Huge. Huge. Huge. Fan. I rubbed it on her feet while she was in the chair. Calming, balancing, grounding blend. Highest quality essential oils. (Don’t play around with cheap oils – splurge on good ones – cheap oils are NOT THE SAME.) We put this in a mister at bedtime or a drop in a bath during highly stressful or emotional trauma.

– And of course, we started our stressful day with an Isagenix Chocolate Shake so we had all the optimal nutrition, brain chemistry, and protein to give us support to tow the line. Thank god my shipment showed up in time. Isagenix days are 100x better with her.

So there. My victory for the day. Hope that someone out there can benefit, or at least find hope. There are possibilities. We just have to find them.

xoxo to you Mamas. Do you have any secret Ninja tips to share with the rest of us???

Create your Sunshine Life.

Clover Sunshine

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