Sometimes you have to say screw it…


Yup, that’s my kids eating CORNDOGS. The nasty carnival foot long kind. Were you thinking… um I thought that kid couldn’t eat grains?? Well you were right. Also no chemicals, msg, preservatives,… the list is long. But sometimes you just have to say SCREW IT and let kids be kids.  Look at her smile.  In all fairness, Hugo eats the cornbread and she had the dog (those two are like Jack Sprat, one eats the meat, the other eats the carbs!).

So you all have permission to say ” I told You So” when tomorrow I’m whining about my terrible day! But that smile was worth it. Saying yes instead of always no. Dancing and laughing and playing.

Even though it got ugly later.. and people stared.. and … well it was ugly. It was worth it. To have a normal kid play kind of day.

We balance our life on schedules, sleeping and eating, vitamins, detox, epsom salt baths, exercise, blood sugar… it’s a dental floss tight rope. Sometimes we all need to let loose and dance on the bridge, eating cotton candy (gasp) and corndogs.

I’m grateful we went.

xoxo to you

Create your Sunshine Life today (even if it means cheating sometimes)

What is your favorite way to cheat???

~clover sunshine

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