Singing from rooftops.. sometimes you gotta let it out.


I’m bursting with joy tonight. We had a wonderful, fabulous, amazing day. Grateful. So very, very, grateful.

Completed meal planning for the week. Grocery Shopping. Even managed to plan a decent dinner for tonight (check out last Sunday’s post for an example of what NOT to do for Sunday night dinner!). Thinking that tomorrow I’ll treat you to my wicked awesome, kid friendly, grain free, low dairy, no sugar, meal plan.

Grateful for my amazing mentors and team over the weekend. What a lovely, full feeling to surround yourself with bright, loving, intelligent, inspired and motivated people. It’s like scratching a deep itch you’ve been trying to reach your whole life.  And you had no idea that it was possible. You thought it would just itch forever, and you kind of got used to it.

I feel the balance at this exquisite moment in time. Like I’m standing on a tightwire of dental floss a thousand feet in the air with an umbrella and ballet slippers and the balance is effortless, I could leap, I could do anything…

Create Your Sunshine Life.  Start Today.

~Clover Sunshine.

P.s. – want to learn more about my amazing team? Click Here.


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