Top 5 Mommy Ninja Tricks for Sore Tummies


Some kids have worse tummy issues than others. Mine, have a LOT. There are more and more kids with nuero challenges (autism, ADD, Aspergers, bipolar, etc.) and they are consistently finding a connection between gut health and nuero health. So if your little person (or your big person) is struggling, here are a few tips to help tummies and all the rest of it.

We find that increased tummy aches are a foreshadowing of other problems to come, so take heed.

**KEEP IN MIND FOLKS, I’M A MOMMA NOT A DOCTOR. This is what works for my family, but always do your own research, especially if your kids are on meds or have allergies!

1. Chia Seeds. These little gems are awesome. They add fiber, Omega 3 (brain health) and help the gut function. The texture does get a little crazy jello like in water so don’t let them sit. I sprinkle on granola and yogurt and they think it’s a treat. It definately helps our world.

2. Aloe Vera Juice (George’s brand is best) – Aloe vera is an amazing anti-inflammatory that also helps your body absorb nutrients. This is a deal breaker for us. We always have it in the house. My kids get a daily morning juice at breakfast and there is about 1/2 – 1 oz a day of Aloe Vera juice. It’s tasteless and easy to hide in a cup of apple juice. When I run out, I almost always start seeing tummy issues. When I use it, we rarely have issues.

3. That little bottle of homeopathic pills is NUX VOMICA. Get some. Like now. This stuff is magic. If you aren’t familiar with homeopathic they are safe for all ages and taste a little like a sugar pill to be dissolved on the tongue. You might remember similar teething tablets for babies? Well this stuff is for tummies. Nausea and indigestion and I’ll put it up against Tums any day of the week at kicking heartburn out of town.  These are easy, tasty, harmless, and extremely beneficial. It’s around $8 for a bottle at the health food store. I recommend putting them on your list.

4. Probiotics. One of the best things you can do to help gut health is add probiotics! Now yes, you can eat yogurt but here’s the thing A) most yogurt is cooked and packaged and processed and all the good stuff is mostly killed long before you get it or B) even if you had the really, really good stuff you’d have to eat A TON of it. So do yourself a favor and get some chewable probiotics. Kids love them (around $6 at the health food store). These also help increase the immune system so they’re great for back-to-school or when the sick starts going around. We take them every day.

5. Isagenix Cleanse – this product is also an anti-inflammatory and cleanses the body of fat soluble, water soluble and metabolic waste. It does amazing things to boost the immune system and clear any toxins or “junk” out of the body that are causing adverse reactions (around $32). It’s also great for mommas trying to lose those last few pounds by cleansing toxins… so it never hurts to have in the cupboard!

Check out my sweet little man eating his morning granola with Chia!

xoxo to you mommas. Do you have any tummy secrets to share? We’re always looking for a new trick!

Create your Sunshine Life Today!

~Clover Sunshine

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Mommy Ninja Tricks for Sore Tummies”

    1. Thank you! I have a ton I’ve been acquiring over the last several years so I’m excited to have a place to put them!

  1. Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better!

    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about this. I’ll send this
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