Top 3 things to Eliminate from your diet TODAY


Some people are overwhelmed at the thought of elimination diets. There is so much to know, where do I start?

Start simple, so you don’t resent the cut from your diet. Figure out what you won’t miss that much and gradually shift your shopping habits. If you find it hard to cut something completely out of your pantry, just shift to buying it every OTHER time. Start with being mindful of labels.  Pay attention to what goes into your body.


1. High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is a deal breaker. Never. Never Ever. If it has HFCS on the label put it down and keep looking. You will find it in bread, dairy, canned foods, processed meats (think hot dogs and sausages) Yes, if you look hard enough you can find people that will tell you it’s no big deal. Here’s my thought – it’s a chemical process formed product. It’s non-organic, GMO corn that has been altered.  It’s not food. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that it causes problems with weight, blood sugar, ADD and anxiety. Seriously, why would you eat that? Just cut it out. Look for organic cane sugar or at least cane sugar or honey as a sweetener.


2. Non organic grains. Now, I’m not going to tell you to go gluten free. I’m not even going to suggest you cut out bread. But it’s not about bread. It’s about paying attention to how MANY GMO GRAINS we are consuming. Start paying attention to how many cookies, crackers, cornstarch, noodles, breading, and candy you are eating with some form of rice, gluten, flour, corn. If it doesn’t say organic that pretty much tells you it’s a GMO product. Do you want my GMO lecture??  Click Here to get straight to the nitty gritty. While checking it out, think Kraft Mac and Cheese… I’m not fear mongering, I’m just saying pay attention and make informed decisions.  Not to mention you will lose crazy weight if you start cutting back on all those grains! 😉


3. Labels with a NUMBER in the ingredients.  Here’s a good one for you. Foods are spelled with letters, chemicals and science experiments are numbered. You can have kids help you at the store look at the ingredients and cull out anything with a number. (there is usually a color in front of the number). Don’t buy the hype, just because they put food coloring in cute little containers and sell it to us with happy faces and tell us it’s harmless doesn’t make it so. There are SOOOO many kids that are sensitive to artificial food colorings. It’s one of the top things that doctors will tell parents of Autistic, ADD/ADHD or other nuero challenged kids to AVOID because it can have drastic side effects. Click Here if you want to read more.  Don’t risk it. Really, the color isn’t worth mental health. Choose the product without numbers in the ingredients. Especially for your kids.


Don’t freak out. Just check it out next time you’re at the grocery store and let me know what you think…

Create your Sunshine Life today. That starts with feeling GOOD.

xoxo to you.

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – if you do need a splurge (because everyone does) I recommend keeping a bottle of Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Cleanse in the cupboard to help get it out of your system ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Top 3 things to Eliminate from your diet TODAY”

    1. Ah yes, I’m a big fan of burning the GMO crops! But people become so overwhelmed at the thought of complete elimination. I try to keep it doable. Small steps!!

  1. Yes, educate me, but don’t overwhelm me. 3 was a great number to start with.
    I am fond of the KISS method.

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