Delivering Happiness Book Review

Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness, seriously, is there any greater title to any book anywhere?

Now, I’m admittedly Pollyanna. I love the idea of a loving utopian society where people do good for the sheer joy of it. So I suppose that is why I can’t get Tony Hsieh out of my head.

This is a MARVELOUS read. For anyone who ever wanted something GREATER but thought it couldn’t be done, thought the world wouldn’t support it, this book is for you. I LOVE the way that Mr. Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) puts so much power and importance in WOW. I mean, it’s so bold. So unheard of. Catering to investors, of course, but wowing customers – for real? It’s bold. Free shipping and returns? It gives new meaning to “go big or go home”.

The beautiful thing about this story is that it isn’t just a streak of luck that he strikes it big. This is an intellectual, strategic, brilliant plan. It breaks all the rules, but they were persistent in the dream to Deliver Happiness to customers, of all the crazy ideas. They executed in a big way and created something incredible for customers, employees AND vendors of Zappos. Who thinks that big? Who is that generous? It only proves that when you give big, you get big returns.

The book is a great history of the start-up and mindset behind Zappos. It is candid and there are grammatical errors, but I find it charming, and real. Tony Hsieh is who he is, he makes no apologies and he sticks true to his belief. If only all CEO’s had that kind of persistance and belief system in place to create something wonderful, rather than something profitable. Better yet, do both.

Bravo Zappos. You have earned my business for life.

What a place the world we be if we prioritized Delivering Happiness each and every day.

Create your Sunshine Life Today.

~Clover Sunshine

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