Are you ready to wake up and live?

Wake up and Live

Do you ever wonder about the Law of Attraction, and how powerful you really are? Do you wonder if it’s possible, could it really be true? Are you sometimes filled with an overwhelming gratitude for the abundant blessings you have been given?

The interesting thing about blogging, is that I find it impossible to write about anything other than what fills my heart. I cannot reliably plan or schedule blog posts, it’s more like spewing my soul on to the keyboard. Lovely eh? So, this is your “get out now” warning! LOL.

So, I’ve been candid (I’m a brutally honest sort of gal) about my life. My gratitude for a really incredible mentor. My challenges with my kids and their health. My commitment to sharing my knowledge and helping others create their Sunshine Life. And sometimes, the universe collides into one interesting day where it all becomes clear.

#1 – the kids have been struggling. So I don’t sleep. Like 3 or maybe 4 hours a night total. After 5 nights at this pace, I’m a zombie. I attempted a video blog today but it was too Night of the Living Dead-ish. I’m adjusting doses (of fish oil, zeolite, and diet) and sleep schedules and wondering how much is the impact of the increased mental output for school… it’s a dance. My son has a lung infection and coughs day and night, my daughter has been edgy, twitchy, sensory processing overload.

#2 – My whole heart commitment is to help people that are amazing, smart, fabulous, motivated people that hate their jobs. It breaks my heart when I know they are great, but they don’t really know it yet. I want to shout from the rooftops, I want to gift them with opportunities. I want to help them Create their Sunshine Life. It’s a HUGE motivation for me.

#3 – I have an art gallery in Montana. I love it. I really, really, love it. It’s like my soul in a funky old brick building built in 1918 that is owned by the Free Masons. It’s totally fabulous. It’s in Montana, and I miss it. (there is a banner on the side bar with pics if you’re slightly curious).

OK, so that’s the big back story. So, each day I follow the advice I give you. I start each morning early by writing in my gratitude journal. I attend a mind blowing MasterMind each morning at 8am. I work out for at least 30 minutes in the gym, and then I come home and work. I read my “statement of intent” each day and follow every lesson and direction of my mentor and Mastermind groups to the detail. But I’ve been distracted by the items above lately.

Today, the stars aligned. Like angels sang. I can’t NOT share with you.

#1 – I took my son to my AMAZING acupuncturist and we found an herbal remedy to help heal his cough, AND a new chiropractor called to say she had our x-ray results back and she was too excited to wait until tomorrow. She has amazing news that can make a huge change in health for both of my kids! (will share more tomorrow no doubt). Overwhelmed. Usually tests are “inconclusive” at best. I’ve learned to keep low expectations. Yet today, I got great news on two fronts.

#2 – I am recently flooded with friends and people I love that are looking for other work opportunities and eager to create change. It’s like a nod from the universe that this is a worthy quest and I should stay the course.

#3 – The employees that I have in place in my gallery are utterly spectacular. They love what they do, the economy is improving, and we share happiness in the form of “american made” art.


Oh, did I MENTION it’s my Birthday this weekend? Feel free to leave a comment. I usually throw myself a big birthday bash, but have been filled with distractions this year. We’re contemplating a drive to the ocean (ok technically the gulf but no need to burst my bubble) so I can slip my feet in the water.

So I guess the moral to this story is, Stick with it. Keep the faith. Stay strong in your visions of your perfect day, what you desire, how you want your life to be. If you do the work, it may just come your way. Let yourself aks “what if it’s all possible?” …

Much love to you all.

Please, start Creating your Sunshine Life Today.
(it’s just toooo good to miss)

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – check out this mindblowing video by my team. The first couple of minutes are cheezy, but stick it out – it gets GOOOOD.

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