A Birthday Gift For You…

Clover Sunshine Global Resort Travel

Well it’s my birthday weekend. (didn’t I already mention that several times? no, well let me shout it from the rooftops!!). For my birthday I’m going to do something special for you.

I have the most amazing travel secret. It is PERFECT for families with kids that don’t travel as much as they’d like or families that need access to a complete kitchen while traveling.

It gives you access to a week at a furnished timeshare condo style apartment or hotel for $399 – $699/week all around the WORLD!! That my friends, is doable. Disney? Heck no, have you EVER looked at Disney hotel prices? But this, you can stay in a resort near Disney for under $100 a night?  Hawaii? Cabo? Italy?

Do you already take a family vacation to Hawaii or Disney or somewhere fun? How much do you spend on hotel? How much more would you travel or enjoy travel if you could stay for less and enjoy more.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Check out the video HERE.

Anyone who signs up this weekend by the end of the day on September 3 will get a bonus! Check out more info on Global Resorts Network by visiting the TRAVEL tap at the top of my blog HERE.


Work with me directly >>> CLICK HERE to get started

Create your Sunshine Life Today!!

Clover Sunshine



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