When did you last travel for the PLEASURE of it?

Some of us travel regularly, some of us do not.  Where do you fall in things?

If you don’t travel for leisure, why not? Is it lack of funds? Lack of time (because you have to beg permission to go), lack of health, or just lack of inspiration?

Do you want to change that? Do you want to frolic in the ocean? Do you want to work from a laptop for a few minutes a day and create joyful success?  Is it even possible??

This is it folks. One shot of glory. How do you want it to play out when you look back on your life? Do you want to say that you were a good employee and were reliable? That you were too sick to travel, but you LOVED McDonalds every single day? Do you want to remember that you had intentions to travel, to show your kids the world, but you just never had the funds to do so?

It’s your life. YOUR life. You decide how it plays out from here. Just make it good. Make it a worthy life. A joyful life.

Today, I turned 36 (ouch!) and I played in the sea. And I remembered that at the end of it all, it only matters that I LOVE the life I live. That I help others find their joy, and that my kids learn about all of the beauties of the world. Right?


STOP, take stock, start thinking about what makes your Sunshine Life? (hint – start WRITING IT DOWN!) 😉

Create YOUR Sunshine Life, today!

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – What inspires me, you ask? CLICK HERE to find out.  But watch the whole thing if you click. I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t gooood.  Sweet dreams.

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