Quick, kid-friendly, gluten free, recipe for days that you need a back up plan!

Ok. Here’s my ace in the hole. My “go to” when I have nothing left in the tank at the end of the day and everyone is starving. We all need a few tricks up our sleeve and here’s mine. Perhaps you can add it to your secret Mommy (or Daddy) Ninja dinner tricks.

Wish I had a picture for you. But sorry love, it’s late, I’m pooped. Still recovering from our crazy birthday trip to the coast. Then the kids started school today. Hugo went to farm school, that’s the good news. The bad news is that we showed up on time, with our 30+ pages of paperwork filled out, proudly… decked out head to toe in new BATMAN gear. Puddle boots, backpack, sweatshirt, lunchbox, the works.

The administrator stopped us at the front gate and asked if I had bothered to read the handbook… wellllllll. I did fill out the 30 pages of personal history and info you wanted but honestly, didn’t make it through another 10 pages of handbook. Don’t I get half points for trying? Seriously? Well APPARENTLY it turns out that licensed characters (Especially SuperHeros) are NOT allowed at the school. In fact, she would have to cover every logo in DUCT TAPE. My poor son’s face fell from proud of his gear to ashamed to be burdened with duct tape all day. I felt like the worst mom on EARTH. I TOTALLY FORGOT to read the damn handbook. I couldn’t imagine what would be so important for the first day when he’s only 4. (good news is we negotiated a one day duct-tape free truce in case you were worried about the little guy).

So I spent the day scavaging Target for left over school supplies without characters that weren’t completely boring for a 4 year old. New lunchbox, thermos, sweatshirt, raingear… And I’m pooped.

So here’s my cheater dinner. Save it, print it, for a day that things get all topsy turvy on you.  The best part is that it’s flexible based on what you have!!

Beans and Sausage (hey, the kids named it, don’t blame me)

First, start some brown rice if you have time, you’ll thank me later…

Dig for whatever meat you may have on hand. Kielbasa is great if you aren’t against it. Polska Kielbasa is the best, most kid friendly chop it up in bite size pieces and fry it till it has a little crunch on it. Burger is good, bacon is grand, sometimes we even find a packet of finely chopped stir fry steak or something. It all works. Best if you mix beef and pork. Yum.

Fry it up in a pan till it’s cooked. Don’t make it difficult.

Add a ton of diced onions and garlic to the ooey gooey meat and grease, till they are cooked.

Add a few cans of beans. Pinto, Kidney, Black. More variety adds more interest. I usually do about 3 or 4 cans (leftovers are awesome). If you’re super adventurous, yes, it’s better to buy organic and soak your own – but this is a realism receipe. Overachievers feel free to go nuts.

Toss in a few “glugs” of chicken broth. (who measures when kids are screaming they are starving… just add broth so the beans have something to simmer in, you may add a cup at a time, depending on how big the batch of beans and meat you may go through half a quart? It gets a lovely saucy-ness you won’t regret).

Salt generously. Trust me, the beans need it. Several pinches is good. (we are nightshade free, this recipe is good with salt only – but wicked awesome if you can pull off cumin and a hint of chili powder…)

Turn it down and let it simmer about 30 minutes.

If your family likes Cilantro, cilantro makes the dish. Finely chop cilantro and toss it in when the beans have great flavor and/or you’re ready to eat. Stir. Serve over brown rice (or just animal style if that’s the kind of day it is).

Kids dig it.

Vegetable – check. Protein – check. Fiber – check.

Tomorrow’s lunch? CHECK.

Mom of the year award after a crappy day.

You can thank me later…

xoxo to you.

Create your Sunshine Life today!

~Clover Sunshine


My boy

2 thoughts on “Quick, kid-friendly, gluten free, recipe for days that you need a back up plan!”

    1. Well thank you! that’s quite a compliment. I would have been as horrified at my use of onions and garlic as my kids are I’m sure. The trick is dicing REALLY tiny!! LOL. xoxo

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