Entrepreneurs and First Grade Teachers


So tonight, I went to my daughters parents night for Montessori First Grade intro.

I did NOT plan on writing about it! Then again I never planned on network marketing, and here I am! You just never know what the Universe may bring to your doorstep.

I have always heard Montessori is great. I have heard tidbits here and there about why and I believe in it. So I pay a REALLY stupid amount of money each month to put my kids there. Last year my daughter was in Kindergarten and, well, Kinder is kinder… right?

But THIS year is First Grade. I still contemplated skipping parents night tonight. Even though I know I should go, it was from 5-7. Not ideal. (and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m kind of a control freak about my schedule). But I sucked it up and went.

30 parents sitting on tiny chairs. Do you remember chairs from Kinder? They fit like one butt cheek and your knees are up to your chin, trying to figure out how to be comfortable and not look ridiculous. Then I look at the lady on my right and pity that she came straight from work in heels and a short skirt.. Can you get a visual on those tiny chairs? and I was stressing my flip flops.

And then, Miss MacLay took the stage. She’s a wisp of a girl, thin, young and pretty. And you don’t expect much. And then she opens her mouth. And you fall in love. Do you remember that dreamy idealism of changing the world? Do you remember being so fresh and enamored with the world that you knew you could make it a better place? Really.. think. That’s Miss MacLay. She BELIEVES that the future is in our children. But that’s SUCH an eye roller cliche. She’s better than that. She is fascinated by the childs mind, by how they think, by their possibilities. In fact… I’d put money on the fact that she secretly believes in fairy dust and magic – with scientific evidence no doubt.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not that person. I’d love to be. But I’m not. Well, not with young minds anyway. I love my kids, but that’s not me.

But I understand the passion. I could relate. Because I am passionate and sweet and fresh in my own way…I believe in magic. I believe in creating your dreams. I believe in changing the world. I believe in helping people out of bad jobs and broke lives. I believe in helping kids feel better. I believe in making the most of every breath we take on this earth. So I guess, I believe in Miss MacLay.

I’m proud of her for sticking to her guns. How many people have told her over the last … 24 years? that she’s idealistic. that she should give up? that it’s impossible to change the world. And there she is. Giving the story of creation to 30 uncomfortable parents checking their iPhones, sweating and contemplating margaritas… but she was there like she was in a stadium of 1000 people as if her story would change the world. Her eyes lit up, her arms spread and she herself was the Universe.

What would it feel like if YOU woke up like that every day? In your world? In a job that made you giddy with excitement and magic? That made you believe in something. That made you excited to open your eyes? What would it be? Who would you work with? What would you believe in?

Create your Sunshine Life…TODAY.

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – want to see what makes me giddy and excited and puts me on a team? CLICK HERE but only if you’re interested in real change.

1 thought on “Entrepreneurs and First Grade Teachers”

  1. ONCE AGAIN………………GREAT! I didn’t have time to read it this morning as I have lots to do before it gets hot. But the intrigue you wrote into the story was too much to leave it. And as I expected, you followed thru with a positively positive, uplifting story! Yes it revitalized the feeling of MAGIC within me. I could see the fairy dust falling around your words. Yes my daughter, you are doing great with this! How do you know you are a good writer? When the reader feels goose bumps……………….the passion. Not only YOUR passion for helping your readers… but I felt the passion of Miss MacLay. I want to send her a thank you note. GREAT STUFF!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! Please reply so I know you got this message.

    Best Regards, Cowboy Doug Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 03:21:48 +0000 To: tombstonelivery@msn.com

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