A Moment for Gratitude

This is a moment for Gratitude.

Make sure and steal those precious moments as you can. Life is a whirlwind of stress and obligations and laundry… make time to stop and find the gratitude.

We had a rough week last week, but buckled down and did what needed to be done. Changed dosages of our many herbal remedies, slept, detox baths, made bone broth, read plenty of new strategies, and prayed for patience!

But in a generous twist of life, the kids loved the bone broth, guzzled it down and asked for more. And today, we saw improvement. Slight at first, but any improvement is worthy of gratitude.

In fact, it makes my heart swell and sing.

What makes your heart sing?

I met new, like-minded friends. I witness the success of my teammates. I listened to mentors speak of the beauty of the Law of Attraction. Creating your life step-by-step. I was reminded how many people are doing it successfully, and living a joyful, abundant life.

Today is for gratitude. My heart is singing. I have more than I need.

Create your Sunshine Life… Today.
~Clover Sunshine


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