Leaving on a jet plane in… 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 …

I’m sooooooooo excited! Can you tell? Can you tell?

This momma doesn’t get out much. This momma doesn’t get out at ALL! Not for dates, or dinners out, let alone several DAYS to myself. I have no one to blame but myself, I know, I know. But it is hard. The kids have legitimate issues and it makes it SO very hard for one person to manage the schedule and food and routine and supplements … (ahem, and I might possibly be the slightest twinge of a control freak about their care – but in my defense, I work really hard to get us to this point. Eating junk food and staying up late could set us back weeks…)


Granted, it’s to a pet food convention to help a friend with her business. It will be long hours on a tradeshow floor talking all day. But no one will be hanging off of me or WHINING! Oh glory day.

I love my kids, more than the moon loves the stars, but DAMN this momma needs a break! Do you know what I mean? Do you take time for yourself?

I would say that is where I need the most personal growth – doing things for ME. I always put myself last, and that’s not healthy or generous with myself.  And it’s not good leadership.

So it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Once a week I’m going to do something selfish, just for me. Even if it’s just a cup of Starbucks and 20 minutes reading my book while drinking it (sounds like LUXURY to me).

I’ll check in and let you know about my selfish little journies to bliss to encourage you to do the same. We are better parents, friends and spouses, we are more patient, more kind, more joyful when we have time to remember who WE are. You know, before we were just walking zombies going through the motions? 🙂

I remember that girl. I like her. I think I’d like to know her again.  So I’m packing my bags for 5 whole days of freedom. Be prepared, I’ll be the one whining by Day 3 that I miss them!

What can you do for yourself this week for pure Joy?  Where would you go if you were getting on a jet plane, without kids, and with unlimited resources?

Create your Sunshine Life…Today.

~Clover Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane in… 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 …”

  1. As mike always says to me “put your oxygen mask on first before helping children” – you are no good if you aren’t healthy and alert to take care of them!
    love you clover sunshine and your healthy journey!
    ps – have fun!

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