4 Things you can do NOW for ADD / Autism / Sensory Processing Disorder suspicions …


Well, I make no promises. And I’m not a doctor – let’s just get THAT out of the way.

NOW I can tell you how excited I am!

We had a rough couple of weeks. Special needs Mommas, you need no further description.

Edgy, twitchy, whiney, screaming, uncomfortable kiddos. You know the signs when you see them. It twists your gut into knots and you know it’s coming… The wrath… the shot nerves, less eye contact, can’t sit still …


Granted, I had fallen off the wagon a bit. We had opened up our diet, “cheated” a bit more than normal (occasional flour tortilla and corn chips, nothing terrible but gluten and GMO’s are not on our side here).  We had run out of Aloe Vera juice and I hadn’t made it a priority to get more.

So, I quickly adjusted our diet and schedule and within 3 days we had banished the demons!  I’m proud to say we turned it around very quickly. So here you go:

Step 1: Make bone broth. Gut health is very closely related to brain health. Many kids with issues have underlying gut issues such as Leaky Gut Syndrome. You may notice more tummy aches, you may not. But when you take efforts to heal the gut, it improves senses, neuro health, and emotions.  My kids prefer chicken broth 10 to 1 over beef bones. I guess I do too. Get an organic chicken. Put it in a pot with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar, some organic veggies (I use celery, onions, and garlic) and fill the stock pot with water.  Add a couple of teaspoons of good himilayan sea salt and let it gently boil around 6 hours.  My kids CRAVE it and beg for it. Fight the need to get creative. Don’t put noodles in it. Don’t add anything. Just give them some broth to drink.  Several times a day for several days or as long as you can keep it up.

Step 2: Add Aloe Vera Juice EVERY DAY. Get George’s Aloe Vera Juice. It’s high quality, no taste and only around $8 for a huge bottle. Make a morning drink (we use whatever juice they love -watered down at least 50/50 and organic of course) add an ounce or two of aloe vera juice. This is an anti-inflammatory and VERY healing. They never know it’s there.

Step 3: Seriously look into Isagenix Shakes. This is not a sales pitch. Trust me, I’m not going to get rich when you order a bucket of shake (but you do have to order online, you cannot find this product in stores.  Click the banner on the right, or click HERE if you’re interested in learning more). I joined the program when I found out how great it is for kids with ADD / Autism and other special needs (as well as healthy kids, mommas and daddies too!)  It is high in Glutathione, protein, and over 70 trace minerals. Within 3 days of my kids drinking a half a chocolate shake a day I notice a SUBSTANTIAL improvement in behavior, sitting still, making eye contact…it’s organic, non-gmo and all natural. No soy. Celiac Friendly. It’s what we use.

Step 4: Add a high dose of Omega 3’s. They are proven to help brain function and I can absolutely identify a day with 100% certainty when we miss a dose. We use Barleans Omega Swirl, Lemon Zest. It can be found at most health food stores in the fridge section. It’s liquid. I’m sure there are probably higher quality versions, but my kids LOVE this and think it’s a treat. 1 Tablespoon each morning and it makes all the difference. We know not to run out.

I created my Sunshine Life by adding these simple steps to our daily routine. Everyone is happier.

Start Creating your own Sunshine Life…Today!

~Clover Sunshine

4 thoughts on “4 Things you can do NOW for ADD / Autism / Sensory Processing Disorder suspicions …”

  1. Thanks for these tips. I’m just staring on the whole diet related ‘focus’ for my daughter with ADD and “autism markers”. Looking for whatever works for us, so will give these a go

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