Do What You Love, Love What you DO!

So I had a great trip to Chicago! Long, but great. Anyone who has worked tradeshows knows that at the end the only thing you want is a pair of tennies, squishy socks and a really cold glass of wine!

But it was so much fun to meet new people and talk and make friends!

I even got a job offer!

While it was exciting and exhilerating to get a job offer (everyone loves to feel loved) it made me reassesss what I’m doing. Would I want to work for someone else? Could I love it?

It took about 3.5 seconds before I answered. NO WAY! I could not choose to give up the life I’ve carefully created for ANYTHING. Miss picking my kids up at 3:00? Travel during the week? Ask permission for vacations and Birthdays and Sick Days?

NO Thank You!

I appreciate the compliment. It’s always good to be loved.

But I choose this life. I create my own Sunshine Life, just the way I want it to be.

I LOVE my team. I work with amazing, inspiring, positive people. We believe in the Law of Attraction. The power of Positive Thinking. We are likeminded. To me, that is an unbeatable opportunity.

Grateful. For exactly where I am.

If you are interested in joining a team of likeminded people, you’re welcome to click here for more information. But only if you’re interested in changing your world. Being unstoppable and making dreams come true.


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