Do you believe in magic?

Do you really believe in magic?

I do. I teach my kids to as well.   They believe we have the power to change stop lights, find parking spots, and create the occasional rainbow.  Why not?   Why wouldn’t you teach your children that they could be and do anything they dream? That they can create the world around them as they wish?

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with us. We listened to people tell us for YEARS what ‘s not possible, not realistic, not going to happen. And we bought it. We lost the belief in ourselves somewhere along the way.

I believe in the Law of Attraction. I belive in the power of Manifesting.  And secretly, I think you do too. It’s ALL OVER pop culture. I watched Inception (with Leonardo Di Caprio) at the gym this morning. It’s a wild and fun action movie, where they have the power to manifest the world that they’re in. Green Lantern – same premise. Top selling books such as “Ask and it is Given” same theory. The Secret is an obvious choice.

The market is flooded with thought leaders from pop culture to self-help all reinforcing that we have the power to create our own universe. So, is it true? Do you believe?

What if it was true? What would you create? Are you living your dreams now? Or are you living a version that is based on what people told you was the life you must live?

I believe in magic. I believe in Stardust and Unicorns, but I believe in the power of a determined mind the most.  How else can you explain how the most stubbornly determined people nearly always achieve their dreams? Whether it’s discovering electricity or painting the Sistine Chapel. Those simple tasks are miracles in themselves. Miracles that someone believed was possible.

Sistine Chapel

So what is your unique gift to change the world? Do you believe in yourself to make it happen?

Create your Sunshine Life… Today

~Clover Sunshine

Avani Moon

1 thought on “Do you believe in magic?”

  1. Bingo!!!!! Manifesting Magic! Yes the world would be a different place to live if we all just believed we had the power to manifest our desires. I have 2 signs over my desk, “Life is what we make it, always has been always will be!” and “We create our tomorrow by what we dream today”. Abraham, and Esther Hicks got me on the path to manifesting my desires. They teach powerful techniques on how to use the Universal Law of attraction. We all have the power. Jesus and Buddha talked about it. Hold the vision of your desire and trust the process. It works!
    The best gift we could give our children is to teach them that they have the power to manifest
    whatever they desire in their life!

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