Back to School Immune Boost & I get punked…

Video blogging doesn't always go as planned. If you're here already, watch the video, my kids crash the party!   So, what you missed was instructions on making your own chicken broth. It's easy, nutritious and inexpensive compared with buying the chemical laden store-bought kind. The secret is in the bone marrow. Gross, I know.… Continue reading Back to School Immune Boost & I get punked…

3 Valuable Tests for Evaluating Optimal Health

So for Day 3 in my series on kids health I offer recommendations for 3 reasonable priced, reasonably easy, and hugely valuable tests for evaluating health for kids (and adults too). 1. Food Sensitivity Test (IGG not IGE). Too many people don't realize that they are sensitive to foods in their diet that they deem… Continue reading 3 Valuable Tests for Evaluating Optimal Health

Elimination Diets Suck. For Real.

So, on Day 2 of my kids health series we need to talk elimination. Ugh. There is just no easy way to say it. But it's important. And furthermore, it WORKS. So before you grab a glass of wine and put your head in your hands, hear me out. (well, wine is really ok at… Continue reading Elimination Diets Suck. For Real.

Kids Mental and Gut Health – A starting point

Sometimes it's good to start with what you know.  By popular request, I'll be posting a series on kids health. **please note, I post based on my personal experience and my children. I am NOT a doctor. Please, people do your own research but perhaps this will give you a starting point** (for those getting… Continue reading Kids Mental and Gut Health – A starting point