wishes do come true

Today is Saturday, Jan 18. (I think). Everything is working out for the highest good. I have been here since Tuesday, 1/14 , I trust the process of life.  In fact, life provides all that we need, I am grateful for the sweet, smart, joyful staff that surrounds me. I have created a community of… Continue reading wishes do come true

Another Way of Life

So, today I got turned on to Project AWOL. I can't stop thinking about it. A.W.O.L. stands for  "Another way of Life". It's teaching people to work less and live more. To live on a laptop, and use Attraction Marketing to attract those that are looking for what you have, rather than begging people to… Continue reading Another Way of Life

A Moment for Gratitude

This is a moment for Gratitude. Make sure and steal those precious moments as you can. Life is a whirlwind of stress and obligations and laundry... make time to stop and find the gratitude. We had a rough week last week, but buckled down and did what needed to be done. Changed dosages of our… Continue reading A Moment for Gratitude

Have you given up on your dreams?

I'm astonished by how many people I love that have given up on their dreams. They live a mediocre life, that doesn't satisfy them, but have forgotten where they were headed in the first place. What do you do? Do you love it? Do you love your life each day? Are you filled with joy… Continue reading Have you given up on your dreams?