What are you missing?

What are you missing out on in your own life? Are you spending your time working for someone else rather than building your own dreams? Only 6 months ago I would have missed this lovely day. I wouldn't have been able to spend the afternoon with my kids, laughing, smashing rocks and watching the clouds.… Continue reading What are you missing?

A Moment for Gratitude

This is a moment for Gratitude. Make sure and steal those precious moments as you can. Life is a whirlwind of stress and obligations and laundry... make time to stop and find the gratitude. We had a rough week last week, but buckled down and did what needed to be done. Changed dosages of our… Continue reading A Moment for Gratitude

Singing from rooftops.. sometimes you gotta let it out.

I'm bursting with joy tonight. We had a wonderful, fabulous, amazing day. Grateful. So very, very, grateful. Completed meal planning for the week. Grocery Shopping. Even managed to plan a decent dinner for tonight (check out last Sunday's post for an example of what NOT to do for Sunday night dinner!). Thinking that tomorrow I'll… Continue reading Singing from rooftops.. sometimes you gotta let it out.