What are you missing?

What are you missing out on in your own life? Are you spending your time working for someone else rather than building your own dreams? Only 6 months ago I would have missed this lovely day. I wouldn't have been able to spend the afternoon with my kids, laughing, smashing rocks and watching the clouds.… Continue reading What are you missing?

When did you last travel for the PLEASURE of it?

Some of us travel regularly, some of us do not.  Where do you fall in things? If you don't travel for leisure, why not? Is it lack of funds? Lack of time (because you have to beg permission to go), lack of health, or just lack of inspiration? Do you want to change that? Do… Continue reading When did you last travel for the PLEASURE of it?

Create a Sunshine Life – Why I do it

wow, this was probably the hardest truth I've publicly faced. Go big, or go home, right? It's time to drink the kool-aid and BURN Plan B to the ground. So why, does a woman who has been successful in the corporate world, that admittedly HATES MLM's (selling to friends just seems WRONG on so many… Continue reading Create a Sunshine Life – Why I do it

Sunshine Life Series: Change is good.

If you don't love your life. I mean every single little nit picky detail of your life. Stop and think. What would I change? I'm not talking about complaining here folks. I'm talking about specifically changing your reality with purpose. If you could do anything or be anyone. Who would it be? What would you… Continue reading Sunshine Life Series: Change is good.