So I’ll reference a lot of things that I do and love and use… wouldn’t it be nice if you could find out what the HECK I’m talking about? Well, here goes:

I NEED HELP NOW – options

  • ER911 Homeopathic Spray. Tastes like water, harmless. Helps unravel highly charged emotional situations, trauma, rage, etc.
  • Doterra Essential Oils. I’m not a distributer yet, but going to be very soon. In the meanwhile – they are truly a lifesaver. Our favorites? Balance, InTune, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Clary Calm.  Apply one at a time, a single drop on the big toe and rub in. Wait at least 30 seconds before applying another oil. We start with Balance usually. We typically crave what we need so I let me kids smell the lid of the bottle and choose which smells best as a starting point. Don’t force what doesn’t smell good to them, it will start your journey off on the wrong foot!
  • Epsom Salt Baths – don’t underestimate the power of detox. We rely on detox baths 1/2-1 cup of Epsom salt + 1/2 – 1 cup of Baking Soda at least 3 times per week. Yes! It makes a huge difference. It is a very gentle and harmless detox that has helped tremendously with excess energy, rage, frustration, and inability to sit still. Sometimes we make it really fun by adding a 1/2 cup of bentonite clay so they can have a MUD BATH. Double points for detox + being a fun mommy.
  • Barleans Fish Oil – Every.Single.Day. I can tell you with 90% accuracy if we missed a dose based on behavior alone.  Those Omegas are great for little developing brains, but it also has a certain calming property that allows them to think more clearly, move slower, have more patience.


Non-Chemical Household Options (most of these can be purchased at Target or

  • Poofy Organics is a newcomer to the world of clean, organic, non-GMO, household products.
  • Seventh Generation Products (laundry, dish soap, household cleaners)
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby These products are not only amazing, but the “Earth mama” is a wealth of information. They also have a great Facebook fan page.
  • California Baby These products are good.  OK the real nit pickers will find they aren’t QUITE as perfect as Earth Mama, but they smell DIVINE and are easily purchased quickly at Target.
  • If you’re really a super-duper mom of the year, you could always look up recipes on Pinterest and make your own. But let’s face it, that’s still the girl I dream of being.. Need to generate another 5 hours a week before that dream is a “go”.


Dreading gluten? Check out these amazing resources for kid friendly recipes for all kinds of funky food needs:

  • Gluten Free Goddess – seriously any human that is considering a gluten free / dairy free or other kind of “good-food-free” life should check out this blog!!  There is a “Brownie Bite” that is wicked awesome. I made them for my kids birthday party and everyone begged for more. Thank you Karina!!
  • Spunky Coconut. She’s gluten free, dairy free, paleo and makes wonderful kid friendly foods!
  • Pinterest. Yup. I’m a big fan. It’s not just for new hairdos or dream vacations. Type in any kind of kid friendly crazy food and you’ll get amazing results. Course half the links are broken, but it’s free…


Tests and Practitioners that we found helpful:

  • 23 & Me Genetic Testing. You can test for methylation and detox results easily for $99. You get the results yourself and can research or take to the doctor of your choosing. This was huge for us in making some of our most recent discoveries.  The website does say that it no longer does health testing – BE ADVISED, you still get the same test, but they no longer interpret for you. You can get a free interpretation from another website called Genetic Genie. No biggie.
  • Heavy Metals Test & Nutritional Balancing: say what? We worked with Carrie Thienes, NTP. I called her out of the blue for a remote consultation, we had hair analysis done on both my kids. Out of nearly $100k in tests over the past 3 years this was the single most beneficial, most informative, and most resonably priced test we had done. She can help get hair tests for toxins, heavy metals, nutrients and more. If you suspect heavy metals or toxins, look into it.  This lady is smart.
  • Nutritional Response Testing: We have an amazing acupuncturist in Austin!! We love Tiger Lily Acupuncture. If you are local, check them out. If not, look for an acupuncturist in your area that is into kids (a dealbreaker if they aren’t) and does Nutritional Response Testing. This is a relatively inexpensive, hugely informative, non-invasive test to find out what supplements your body needs to balance. It’s around $40 – $60 a session and is a simple muscle test. It has mad a huge improvement in our life.
  • NAET Allergy Elimination – If you are in NW Montana, I highly recommend Steve Martinez.  He is a wealth of knowledge and loves kids.  (no needles).


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