About Me

I have decided to attempt blogging a bit as we travel. It’s an old blog, with many of life’s changes along the way. But lately, people have been finding it. So I’ll start writing a bit more.

Currently, we are living in Mexico. We moved from the United States in August of 2015 to find another quality of life. We have also lived in Ubud, Bali and traveled to Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Germany, England, France, Czech Republic, Mexico and Belize…looking for places we heal better and hurt less among other things. My kids have specific diets and need a less toxic environment.  I experience less pain at sea level and without  barometric pressure changes.  My husband works from his laptop so we are able to be location independent.

In September of 2013 I was in a car accident and as a result, suffer from a chronic spinal fluid leak (CSF leak)and have 4 badly damaged discs. I also flirt with POTS (heart racing when you stand). As of 2014 they have made 16 attempts to surgically repair.  As it currently stands in 2018, I find that I’m spinal fluid flexible. Some days I’m in rebound high pressure, some days I’m very low. So I live a life of guessing based on symptoms if I should drink a cup of coffee or take a Diamox, or just wait this one out.  There is a lot of pain. But there is also a lot of wonder and joy and gratitude.

So, I get up every day. I create my sunshine life. I learn about healing and homeopathy, new cultures and new languages.  Trying to do my best to be a good spouse and parent two amazing young children – and pray, and pray and pray that one day I spontaneously heal.  I believe in angels, and magic, and all things beautiful in the world. And I truly believe we have the power to heal ourselves.

So, inspired by the amazing people around me, here I go. My journey to live again. To travel. To find balance and abundance. To connect with others. Those that want to REALLY live. To belly laugh on the floor and dance in the rain.

And probably drink stupid amounts of Chardonnay along the way…

July 2013 2013-07-11 006

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Mrs CloverSunshine,
    I read a blog back in 2013 about Isagenix and concussion. We live in San Antonio, hoping to move to Austin. You mentioned a holistic healer and I wondered if it’s working on your health and is the isagenix is too?
    Painful in The Alamo….

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