About Me

Well my blog has changed significantly over the past 9 months so I guess it’s finally time to update it with my current situation. I’m a married mother of two lovely, spirited children living in Austin. September of 2013 I was in a car accident and as a result, suffer from a chronic spinal fluid leak (CSF leak), have 4 rather destroyed discs, and a carotid tear. I also flirt with POTS (heart racing when you stand for those not in the world). As of June 2014 they have made 13 attempts to surgically repair my leaking spinal fluid without success.

A CSF leak means that I cannot sit or stand vertically for more than a short time (usually 10 min – 2 hours depending on the day and conditions) or I experience blinding headaches, extreme lightheadedness, nausea, and cognitive confusion/delay. I cannot exercise or participate in normal tasks like laundry.

My children have health conditions which require we eat NO gluten, dairy, nightshades, HFCS, artificial colors or preservatives. So that’s fun to prepare real food when you can only stand about 15 minutes. It’s like a race… ready set…

So, I get up every day. I create my sunshine life, laying down. Trying to parent two young and energetic children horizontally, and pray, and pray and pray that one day I spontaneously heal.  I believe in angels, and magic, and all things beautiful in the world. And I truly believe we have the power to heal ourselves.

So, inspired by the amazing people around me, here I go. My journey to live again. To travel. To find balance and abundance. To connect with others. Those that want to REALLY live. To belly laugh on the floor and dance in the rain.

And probably drink stupid amounts of Chardonnay along the way… (you know, once I’m able to again, we will celebrate!)

July 2013 2013-07-11 006

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