How Does it Get Any Better?

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So, I was in a fender bender a couple of days ago. Well, it was quite the “bender” but this isn’t a rant about how bad it was or wasn’t. In fact, I think part of the reason that it is resolving so well is that I HAVEN’T been talking non-stop about it.

This is irrefutable proof that you can remain grateful in any situation.

Well, I have no idea how I POSSIBLY manifested an accident! LOL.

But I do know that a terrible situation has worked out quite well. Rather than placing blame, I’ve been able to focus on resolution. Instead of being frusterated with the myriad of insurance agents calling me ALL DAY LONG, I’ve been able to remain patient and kind. And you know what? They have been SO patient and kind with me. I haven’t had to deal with one “mean person” yet.

In fact, the people that I’ve dealt with have been the NICEST most HELPFUL people ever. From my nurses at Urgent Care, to the rental car folks, and the kind people on the repair work. Heck even the “other” insurance company has been ridiculously helpful and accommodating.

But I expected that. I expect the kindness of others. I expect a helpful nature and I surely expect for this to be settled and resolved quickly!

The point is, I’m laying here Friday night feeling GRATEFUL instead of bent out of shape. I’m overwhelmed with happiness.

I have a job I love. I have a team that I admire. The weekend is here. And everyone was nice today.

How does it get any better than that?


2 thoughts on “How Does it Get Any Better?”

  1. It’s been said that people don’t learn so much by words, They learn by example.
    You just set a great example for us all to learn from. And you were rewarded for your kindness and patience.
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of a positive attitude when things go haywire!
    A lesson I still need to be reminded of from time to time. Thanks Clover!

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