Your Only Purpose is to Be Yourself

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So, in my ongoing efforts to single handedly support Hay House Publishing, I just broke down and read “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani. I have to admit I have mindfully avoided this book since I became aware of it, a couple of years ago. If you somehow missed it, it’s about a woman who nearly died of cancer, had a near death experience, remembered it in great detail, and returned to her body to miraculously heal from Stage 4 cancer in days.

I avoided it, I guess, because I thought it’s only for people that have cancer, or have been deeply touched by cancer. I had no intention of getting on a first name basis with cancer. I’ll keep it at arms length, thank you very much.

However, after repeatedly hearing of this book (and as I seem to have enough time on my hands these days) I decided to read it.

HOLY CRAP. It’s mind-blowingly amazing. The first third of the book talks about cancer, how sick she was and how horrible it was. The second two thirds were incredible. Beautiful. And I can’t get them off my mind.

Anita Moorjani QuoteIt’s earth shatteringly beautiful.

It is the single most profound, exquisite, expression of the purpose of life. To be ourselves, to be joyful, to be complete un-ending unwavering love. That’s her explanation for how she cured her cancer, she was just love. When you remember that, it’s easy, or so she says.

She talks about our utter perfection, grace, love and beauty. She says its all of us. Every single one. We are perfect in every way. Not Ego driven perfect, that is hiding insecurities and pain. Real, true, universal, perfection. And when we remember that and love ourselves for everything that we are, the seas part, illness heal, our dreams come true and maybe… just maybe… this is actually heaven.

moorjani quotes

Well I love it. It’s about damn time someone started preaching about self-love and love for all people. THAT seems like a recipe for a Sunshine Life if I ever heard one.

Create your Sunshine Life, by realizing your absolute Divine Perfection and stop worrying so much. This is the good part. ~MuaH

~Clover Sunshine


Moorjani Quotes

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