Hope and Goals

It’s been awhile… life with a CSF leak is a crazy, crazy place. But I would like to shout from the rooftops that I have an appointment with Dr. Grey at Duke Univ later this month and I’m extremely hopeful it will be the miracle I expect it to be.

I’ve been focused on finding small tasks I can complete, it’s amazing how much satisfaction comes from actually setting a goal and completing it, or contributing something to the world. This month is full of goals.

Kids getting out of school for the summer, big trip to Raleigh, NC and I’ve even gone out on a limb and bought tickets to the Hay House Event “I Can Do It” in Austin this weekend. How am I going to make it through two days of lecture when I can’t sit up more than two hours at a time? Well I’m not sure yet. I’m contemplating bringing my son’s Kindergarten nap mat and laying down in the aisles or front row. The good thing about CSF leaks is that it completely cures you of any inhibitions about laying on the floor in random public places! Go big or go home.

Next goal: Bali.

In the meanwhile, keep the hope. And for any of you fellow leakers out there… did you know there are Facebook groups filled with wonderful, supportive, smart people helping to navigate the complicated medical system of procedures and symptoms. Oh how I wish I knew about them months ago. Grateful for the support of strangers.

Create your Sunshine Life. Keep the hope, make the goals, and take baby steps every single day. (oh and don’t get too picky…)


1 thought on “Hope and Goals”

  1. I ran across another quote I liked the other day. “whenever it looks like things are falling apart, look again…………… things are actually falling into place!” Good Luck in N.C.!!

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