Alternative Holistic Concussion Treatment

Ask and you shall receive.

Why of course.  Thank you Universe.

Shortly after my last post I found out about Bowen Work. A holistic, all natural, massage type approach to concussions.  In fact, I even found a website explaining how pro-soccer teams are now hiring Bowen Work Healers as their results are SO effective in reducing and eliminating concussion symptoms.  I was sold.  I mean, I’m into all natural – but when you find major sports teams buying off you know they have solid results.

I found a practitioner in Austin! CLICK HERE for her info and to learn more about the process, and she even offered to make a house call! Yay. Thank you universe.

It was a very very mild treatment. In fact, you’ll be dismally disappointed if expecting a massage.  It’s all about turning the systems of the body back on and letting the body heal itself with simple light touches.  But I’m hopeful. The treatment lasts 7 days so have to wait until next Monday for round two.

In the meanwhile, I’ve bumped up my potion ratios.

Seriously. I’m sure if you walk by the front of the house you could smell it. Oh well. We’re healing in here people, if you don’t like it, just keep walking!!

Sometimes stubbornness and determination pay off.  I DO.NOT.ACCEPT.PAIN.  There is always a way. Someone, somewhere knows the answer.

I’ve always been a fan of logic puzzles. You know those crazy stories with a twist like the “I’m a doctor, I cannot operate on the child it’s my son.” and it’s the kids mom? Well that’s a junior version of how I feel about unraveling the healthcare system. There is always an answer, you just have to look from a different angle to find it.

Now, if anyone could deliver me Microsoft 8?

Create your Sunshine Life…Today

~Clover Sunshine