Patience, Miracles and Fairy Dust

Yesterday was a good day. It was my daughter's 7th Birthday Party. 5 girls, a bouncy house and Frozen, add in some glitter tattoos and gluten free pizza and you have a party! Oh, and the cake. You must have a super-kali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious cake. Seven is the age of princesses and fairies and unicorns, magic and… Continue reading Patience, Miracles and Fairy Dust

Do your kids know what you feed them?

How do you teach your family about food? What do you eat? Do you talk to your kids about it? Do you have health challenges in your family that could possibly, just possibly, be improved by the foods that you eat (or don't)? I will tell you that we don't eat standard store-bought candy (… Continue reading Do your kids know what you feed them?

Top 3 things to Eliminate from your diet TODAY

  Some people are overwhelmed at the thought of elimination diets. There is so much to know, where do I start? Start simple, so you don't resent the cut from your diet. Figure out what you won't miss that much and gradually shift your shopping habits. If you find it hard to cut something completely… Continue reading Top 3 things to Eliminate from your diet TODAY