Hear hear. I must be ready for some major change because I’m feeling the chaos!

But even in the midst of meltdowns and distractions, I hold my vision of a Sunshine Life.  Of Health, Wealth, Travel, and Time.

We are actively working on health and enjoying the fruits of our labors. The kids take two steps forward and one back, instead of two steps backwards.  So there’s something.

Hugo drank tap water at the school this week and broke out in hives. He tested positively for high levels of Chlorine and Pesticides. Ugh. Seriously. They give the kids TAP WATER even thought I pack good water daily?  Some kids get away with it without issue, my kids have a total system meltdown with the introduction of any chemical. But we’re getting better. And stronger every day.  Sometimes the chaos stays at bay for a whole week… sometimes I just drink more wine.

It’s amazing that the kids now know what works for their bodies. My 6 year old daughter will proudly give you a lecture on the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and they both know that although they love bread, it hurts their tummies. It makes me sad they can’t enjoy a grilled cheese or bag of Cheetos. But they are also learning a lesson at a young age to protect and respect their bodies. To honor the feelings they have and follow their intuition about what is good for them.

I am so proud that they are growing in leaps and bounds. In different ways than many other kids, but you just have to embrace being different.  Right? Find a way, deep down to embrace it.

It’s a good lesson, to know what is good for you. Even if it’s not what you WANT. What you crave. But to know what is right, regardless of what other people do, or say, or think. I learn a lot from my four year old about sticking to your guns. He’s violently allergic to nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) so he gets no potato chips, french fries or pizza. Birthday parties are the hardest. But my sweet son as young as two was telling adults (in his sweet baby talk) that he can’t have tomatoes cause they hurt his tummy. Even though he loves pizza (without sauce) something fierce he stays away at all costs(grain free crust of course..).

I wish I had his courage sometimes. To stand true to my beliefs. To always fight for what I know is right for me. Without regard for what others will think or what I’m missing out on.

As I said, we have had the chaos. But it’s straightening itself out.  So something great this way comes.

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