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The word that translates in every language…

It’s been awhile. A long while. I’ve been thinking about you lovingly. Starting to write again. Where to begin? And then today happened. And I’m bubbling over. My family is in Rome. We are on a 9 country, 14 city, 67 day world tour (#9country14city67days on Instagram to check it out!)  We have a lovely little apartment, and a wonderful community that has embraced us with (italian speaking) open arms. Interestingly, we find far less English speakers in Italy than in Bali or Thailand… Go figure. But oh, the food and the people are SO amazing.

However, where ever we go – Bali, Australia, Thailand, Norway, Italy we hear a lot of strange and interesting words and sounds, and as soon as they realize we are American we hear the same word repeated over and over… Trump?  I mean, what can you say? You can simply shrug and laugh and nod and keep ordering your pizza. And then, this morning, against all odds, he won.

Today, as I walked the streets of Rome, purchasing art supplies for the kids and fresh mozzarella (ok, and a bottle of wine… I mean I am coming from Bali, the land of NO decent wine…and it is election day) I see people looking at me as I speak my broken Italian, and whispering. And I hear the words through the chatter,….english… americano…. Trump…. And I feel my cheeks burn with humiliation. I want to tell them I’m sorry. I’m sorry he said mean things. Awful things. He sounds like a real jerk. I know.

And what do you tell your children?

And as I was drinking my profoundly awesome Cappuccino I remembered this quote:



And I wonder, what if we all stopped thinking of all of the awful things this man has said and done. I mean, he’s the president now, so what’s the point obsessing about all the bad stuff. What if we just sent him blessings? What if we focused on all of his positives, the reason so many people believed in him? His business experience. The fact he is not touched by politics. What if we forgive him his ego, and remember we have all said stupid things in the spotlight. We have all been a little ego drunk at times and woke up sick about something that came out all wrong? I mean, what harm could it do to find a little forgiveness?  What is possible, if we all chose to see the most beautiful parts of this man? What could it turn into? What if we chose to create a miracle? All of us, together?


I surely don’t know the answers. But it seems like there is already an abundance of fear. I can feel the tidal wave from Italy. What if we all just switched to the vibration of love? What is possible?

We arrive in America on November 19. I’m afraid of the fear. So, I choose love. I will teach my children forgiveness and love. I will focus on all of this man’s most positive attributes and I will trust in a bright future.


Yes, it will be harder for some of us than others. But we are strong people, we can do hard things.  At least for a few moments in time, who knows, maybe we can change the world? Maybe we can create something beautiful and magical, that sounds like forgiveness, and looks like hope?

Never hurts to try to find the Sunshine…because what if? What if it worked?







Cracking wide open


Parting words from one of my wisest friends as I left for Bali, “open your heart, lead with it, be in your heart, this is what you need”.

I’ve been “in my head” so long, I could hardly contemplate what it means to open my heart. I’m kind, isn’t that enough? I mean, I try to be kind. Occasionally, I’m not. But it’s my intention… I’m a thinker, I think things through… seven different ways. I analyze every possible option and second guess every decision…. at least 4 times.

Except this, Bali was a move from the heart. It makes no sense in any way except the heart.

When I got here, I see what she meant. You can’t NOT open your heart in Bali. Mine just cracks wide open at least once a day. I’ll just be walking along, and smell the incense and see the most beautiful flower dropped on the sidewalk and something happens to my heart. It’s like a little quail egg in there with the most fragile shell, and the smallest move sometimes will shatter that shell and spill my heart out in the open. It usually ends up flowing out my eyes after it’s made my chest all warm and heavy. And there I am, a white tourist woman, walking down the hairpin corner in the grass with vines hanging down and touching my head, single file with my family, sobbing.

At least now that we’ve been here two weeks, the kids are used to it. They just hug me and keep walking. It was quite startling to them the first few times it happened.

the world is so beautiful

You know, I used to be an “open heart” person. I spent my youth with a heart like one of those liquid filled pieces of chewing gum. You know the little squares of sweet, firm, gum that when put in your mouth explode with an oversweet syrup? Yea, like that. Only not so firm on the outside. I spent my youth crying tears of heartbreak, that no one liked me, that I stubbed my toe, that there wasn’t enough kindness in the world. I cried a LOT. And it wasn’t just crying, it was heartbreak every time.

So I guess, over the years, this shell grew and grew over that little bit of liquid goo in there.  And I forgot what it felt like to let it spill out into the world.  That although it hurts sometimes, there is goodness in it. There is truth in just being who you are and feeling how you feel without worry that others will judge you for it.

Here I am, vulnerable, open heart. Crying tears of joy every day. The little shell gets thinner and thinner as it cracks open each day. But it hurts less. The joy feels like white light from heaven, invading every pore of my body. And it is enough. I am enough. It is good.

This is what I want to teach my children, not to be tough and create a shell that covers all of your preciousness so it doesn’t get hurt. I want to be brave, and show them how to let it spill out. The joy is so intense, and yes, when heartbreak comes it will be intense too. But better to live a life of intensity and joy, then a safe, overthought life without it.

Create your sunshine life, by letting the goodness spill out. Figure out how to open your heart. It could change absolutely everything…


Grateful, in Bali


We have been in Bali 6 nights. And these are the things I’m grateful for:

My kids are sleeping through the night for the first time in their lives. (and my daughter is 8). They are sleeping straight thru. This has never happened to us. Ever.

We have befriended 3 local families. Their love here is such that these wonderful people are going out of their way to pick us up and take us to drive to look at long term homes, helping negotiate prices in the local language, and taking us to school with our kids. Our children are playing together, and we hug when we part company.

The school is everything I could ever dream it would be. It’s a Buddhist/Neo Humanist/Unschool. It’s totally radical in the best way. The only anticipation I had, is that it is Vegetarian. My kids need a lot of protein or they turn evil. And they really dislike vegetables that are cooked. Hugo won’t eat anything if there is green anywhere touching it. But I said a little prayer to all of my travel angels for the Most Benevolent Outcome. We arrived to pick them up yesterday and a little tug at the back of my momma heart worried I would see tear stained faces.  Funny Momma Bear. They were laughing (OK Avani was telling people what to do, so she was in her happy place) and cleaning up the goat pen and feeding goats.  It was 4pm and they didn’t want to leave. They happily chattered the whole way home that it was the single best day of their lives. Avani is learning to play guitar, Hugo… well I mentioned the goats didn’t I? They start they day playing in the dirt gardening, then yoga and meditation. Then a bit of studies. Then more time running and playing outside. There are long silk scarves hanging from the ceiling – you know the ones in the acrobat ballet? The kids can climb and swing.


We laugh here. We swim. We listen to bugs and roosters (at 4am). We eat well. We have family.

It’s true, when you trust the universe, visualize, and jump – you can make way for some pretty phenomenal magic. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Create your sunshine life by trusting the Universe, requesting the most benevolent outcome, and jump.

Got nerve?

Moving to Bali

Two days ago, my family moved to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We just did it. We sold our cars, our furniture, our worldly “stuff” and bought 4 one way tickets to Bali. Crazy, I know. But I laid in bed for two years visualizing it, and then, it just sort of happened. It was like the momentum of the universe and the dreams just took over. And we’re here. And you know the craziest part?  It was easy.

Ubud Moneky Forest

I was really worried about the 5 hours flying from Austin to Seattle. The 12 hour flight from Seattle to Taiwan. The 5 hour layover in Taiwan (what would my kids actually eat?) and then the final 6 hour flight to Bali and a two hour DRIVE to our home. It’s insane. But it was easy. When I looked up at Tom during the long flight and told him “only 3 hours left” he shook his head in disbelief and told me I must have the time change wrong. But it was that easy. Flying isn’t like it used to be. Comfortable chairs. Great meals. Tons of movies. The kids were in heaven. I’ve never let them watch 9 hours of movies before! I think the RedEye from Seattle was a great start. Getting up at 2am was hard at the time, but it all fell into place. I also found a rockstar deal on Premium Economy seats on EVA air. Which I HIGHLY recommend. And then, we were here.

Bali Offering

We love it. IT feels like home. The incense burning over the beautiful flower offerings in front of every home and business  soothe my soul somewhere so deep it’s cellular. And the people, Avani says “Everyone here is so NICE”. It’s true. Although the traffic is completely insane and there is a lot of honking – it’s more of a friendly beep like “here I am, watch out I don’t want to hit you” vs the angry revving and beeping and aggressive driving we had started to see in Austin.

Friendly Mopeds

We eat fresh fruit bowls with cashew milk yogurt for breakfast. I know we are overpaying horribly for it at $4 a bowl. But it’s a close walk to the house and a treat for our first few days here.

fresh fruit at Alechemy in Ubud

fresh fruit at Alechemy in Ubud

Our goal in Bali is healing. Loving. Moving more slowly. Spending more time with what is important. I’m hoping for a miraculous healing for myself. And I visualize it every day. A miraculous healing for my children. And an opportunity to slow down and enjoy what is right in front of us, to savor life, to drink it in. I want my children to know that anything is possible and the world is a large place, filled with people that are wonderful.

So, I”m finally inspired to write again. The roosters wake me at 5am, and it’s a blessing. I get up and lay in our outdoor living room and watch the sky change color. Listen to the serenade of the insects and the song of the rooster and my heart is so full it could burst.

Create your sunshine life, by moving to Bali, if you must. xoxo

climbing mountains

Healing without hurting

Friends! This is amazing. I have finally finally had time to properly place my nose in the most amaze-balls book and it’s blowing my mind. So of course, I’m ready to share! I’ve been looking forward to its release for months, and then life happened and it’s been sitting on my Kindle waiting for my vision, and time, and sleep patterns to align themselves! And here we are.



If you have a child, and you know something isn’t quite “right”. If your “mommy alarm” is going off, even if there is no firm diagnosis, read this book! If your life is just harder than it seems it should be, you’re not alone.

She discusses everything from food sensitivity, antibiotic use, vaccines, genetic mutations, tests and doctors and support options. This is an amazing manual from a mom that has done it, and done it very, very well.

We have been getting deeper and deeper into genetic data and the results are mind blowing. Granted, it’s a little overwhelming to go back to chemistry and remember RNA and DNA and atoms… but, when it’s related to your child and how they feel it’s EVER SO MUCH MORE fascinating than it was in college! orrrr maybe I’m just geeking out.

Last night I handed my husband the chapter on Oppositional Defiance Disorder (yes, it’s a real thing) at 11pm. I mean, how could I NOT?  We’re 10 for 10 on the “you might have this if:” list. And there is some reassurance that it’s not just us, our parenting, our discipline. It’s not just that we SUCK as parents.  There is a real, valid, understandable reason for this behavior. It’s not an easy fix mind you, there is no pretty yellow pill that makes it all go away, but there is a roadmap. And if you stop to pay attention to it, it all kind of makes sense.

Gosh, we’ve been to so many doctors, and healers, and specialists, and … everything. And never found real answers, but now it’s all finally falling into place.  So grateful.  Just keep going, don’t let anyone discourage you.


Now I can’t wait to get all of our tests by 23andMe and our Igg Food Sensitivity test!

I leave you with a lovely quote from my dearly departed friend. xoxo

Create your sunshine life, keep going and loving, and believing.


5 items to add to your Facebook Feed

I use Facebook much differently than many people. The cool thing about FB is that it is smart and figures out what you look at, and brings more of that.  I used to pay attention to the drama of people I knew decades ago, or the endless pictures of kids (which I still do) but now I use it more as an educational and inspirational tool for myself when I need a quick recharge.

Here are 5 of my favorite Facebook feeds – if you’re here, there’s a good chance you may also enjoy:

1.  Healing ADHD & Aspbergers without Hurting – This woman is incredible. It’s a great feed to follow for ongoing recipes, tips, nutritional supplements and new studies. Hugely informative. If you look to the right there is a link to go straight to Amazon and purchase her amazing book.

2. Tut – Mike Dooley – Total uplifting, happy, lovely reminders of how wonderful it all is. Every messy moment.

3. Wake Up World – Great “news” feed for alternative news. Nutritional information, health suggestions, and new inventions to save the world. Wonderful perspective.

4. TED – Ted talks. Go there. Follow these beacons of hope. Take time to watch the talks, they range from 5 – 20 minutes and are always worth the time.  Great place to reset, find perspective, be curious and fascinated with the world around you.

5. National Vaccine Information Center– I know it’s controversial. But it’s life. This site isn’t against vaccines so much as it’s pro-education. As with anything regarding my family’s health I always check multiple sources before believing anything. But it’s a great place to stay informed of the newest information.

And one to grow on. My favorite. Liz Gilbert. I love her because, well… she’s REAL. She’s a real person. She’s candid about life, hope, flaws and love. You may know her as the author of EAT, pray, Love. She’s also been touring with Oprah on the Life You Want Tour. She’s a cool cat and does her own posting on FB so it’s worthwhile. (oooh and her new book, the Signature of All Things is amazing!)

Enjoy. Spice up your time a the computer with a few things that make you grow. In knowledge, in love, in peace, in hope. And for heavens sake, hide those drama queens that make your stomach flop. (it’s really easy and they will never know you did it – just click the little arrow in the upper right corner of a post and it will drop down and ask if you would like to hide all posts from this person ).

Create your sunshine life, everywhere you look. Leave little traces of magic for yourself to find when you least expect it (Mike Dooley feed).


Change Everything

Mama Bear Love

I’m continually stunned and saddened by the state of the health of our children and the overall lack of concern by the population. The rates of autism increase daily, not to mention Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and a whole mess of other similar neuro illness with names like ODD, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc.  Our kids get sicker and sicker.

I can’t believe how many people that have not yet been touched by autism (or any of the other Neuro conditions), cannot muster compassion for those that do. The only explanation is that it is so terrifying, people can’t bring themselves to contemplate the reality of what that looks like.  What it feels like.

The growing population of educated moms learning to help their kids is awe inspiring. But they cannot do it alone. We have to help each other, sharing what works, sharing grace, acceptance and non-judgement when we experience these wild little creatures in our world.

If you run into a “naughty” kid in a public place, or a child trick or treating without a costume, please remind yourself not to judge. These parents and kids are dealing with more than most people could ever imagine and sometimes just surviving another day is all they can hope for.

Their nervous systems are on overload, neurotransmitters are out of balance, and many are sickened by regular day to day activities.

Whether these disorders affect you now or not, they likely soon will. With the increasing vaccine schedule, toxins in self care products (shampoo, soaps, lotion, toothpaste) gmo’s in our food supply and artificial colors that have been proven to be neurotoxins, fluoride in the water, and lack of sunlight and fresh air – these kids are all jumbled up.

SO please, have grace, send love, give encouragement if you see a stressed mom who’s child is melting down in Target. Read ingredient lists. Learn what is in your food, your water. Become educated about the world we live in and support others doing the same.  Take time to learn about initiatives such as GMO labeling, and reducing the toxins in your home.

Because it does matter.

These are our people. This is our planet. And we’re screwing it all up under the guise “that’s someone else’s problem”.

We work our jobs, take care of our kids, go to college, do homework, all the things that society says we must do. But we missed all the important stuff. We missed empathy. We missed personal responsibility. We forget to care about what we eat and trust a mess of politicians to do it for us. We must learn to care about our world and our people – all of it.

So please, the next time you think to yourself “that kid needs a good swat” or “that mother is doing a terrible job” consider to yourself that perhaps that mother is trying desperately to heal her child. Maybe she hasn’t slept in weeks. Maybe the child hasn’t either. Maybe someone gave her sensitive child a sucker filled with artificial coloring and high fructose corn syrup without her consent (happens all the time at banks and grocery stores) and the child is having a hard time processing. Maybe what they both need more than anything is understanding. Compassion. Respect.

Perhaps that Momma Bear is a warrior, studying late into the night, getting her very own personal online medical education with no goal other than to save her children and the children all around her.

Create your Sunshine Life – by sharing the Sunshine with someone who really needs it.

change theworld


Incredible, Easy and Powerful Granola

I’m finally able to start cooking a bit again! Yay. I love cooking.

I haven’t made Granola in awhile. If you haven’t either, now is the time to start! It is easy, cheap, kid friendly and a great way to sneak in all of those “great” ingredients that are challenging to get in otherwise. You can create a healthy, brain building, protein packed snack. Especially for those of us with special needs or highly picky children (or spouses…), this is a win/win.

Here’s what I did, but the beautiful thing about Granola is that you can’t really ruin it. Change it up, make it your own.

Ingredients: (organic goes without saying… )
4 cups organic rolled oats (not quick oats)
1 cup (give or take) of toasted almond slivers and pecan pieces
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes (the big ones is what we prefer)
2 TBSP Hemp Seeds
2 TBSP Chia Seeds
1 (or two) generous handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

Add at the end:
1/3 cup Dried Papaya mini pieces
1/4 cup dried bananas

1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup good raw organic honey
1/3 cup REAL maple syrup
1 tsp real vanilla flavoring (or whatever you prefer)

Preheat oven to 275.

Mix all of the top Dry Ingredients in a large bowl. Put the coconut oil, honey and maple syrup in a pan and gentle heat so it mixes and is pourable. After removing from heat add the Vanilla Flavoring and stir well.

Pour your wet/sweet mix over the big bowl of oats. Keep stirring until it’s all kind of moist.

Place parchment paper on a rimmed cookie sheet (it will take two). Pour granola onto cookie sheet in a thin layer. Bake 8-10 minutes, stirring half way through. Watch it like a hawk – nothing makes you sadder than burnt granola. 😦

When it’s done, remove from oven and let it cool COMPLETELY. After it is cooled, mix in your dried fruits and store in an airtight container. Enjoy for breakfast with a little Hemp milk or as a dry snack for after school!
Best granola recipe
Now the really good stuff:

almonds – Great source of protein, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium. Helps blood sugar and brain health!
pecans– Protein, Vitamin E (protects cell damage in the brain), High in Antioxidents and fiber.
Hemp Seeds – These are arguably one of the most complete sources of nutrition. Balanced protein and more omegas than Flax. This is a brain super food. Don’t skip this easy way to incorporate it into your diet. Plus they are nutty little goodness that your kids will probably never see!
Chia Seeds – are known as an energy booster AND a sleep aid. Double win. High in protein, omegas, iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. They have 8 times the Omegas as salmon (and easier to consume if you ask me…) read = brain health.
pumpkin seeds – Get this! Pumpkin seeds are great for prostate health and bladder function. They are also proven to assist with DEPRESSION and are a natural anti-inflammatory. They are an alkaline forming seed and are used in many cultures as treatment/prevention for parasites.
Papaya – high in Vit A, C and folate but most notably a miracle help for digestion. Got heartburn? Digestion issues? Increase papaya! It’s also an anti-inflammatory a great for skin and hair health!
bananas – Help with brain power, potassium, bowel health, energy and DEPRESSION.
coconut oil– I need a whole blog post dedicated to coconut oil. Have you seen “my big fat greek wedding”? You know how they use Windex for everything? That’s kind of how we are about coconut oil. Buy an organic, cold pressed tankard of it at Costco. Thank me later… 🙂 But if you’re not real fond of the flavor this is a great way to get it in your body without tasting it too much. Here’s the scoop it’s great for killing Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Candida (which is an epidemic in our world), supports the immune system and thyroid (another one that our society is in desperate need of). It boosts energy, is heart healthy, and helps with Diabetes. Fatty acids from coconut oil go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as quick source energy or turned into so-called ketone bodies, which can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It also helps you BURN FAT.
raw organic honey – Reduces inflammation, strengthens immune system, calms nerves, balances blood sugar, and is an energy booster.
REAL maple syrup (splurge on the real organic stuff, not the cheapo HFCS pancake syrup) – This is high in manganese and zinc which are great for prostate health among other things. High in antioxidents, calcium, minerals and B vitamins

Create your Sunshine Life by putting something really good in your body!



CSF Leak Treatment continues…

I’ve been reading other bloggers lately with CSF leaks trying to gleam treatment ideas, and it occurred to me that I should give more details of my own treatment to share with others that are searching.

The situation:

I was in a car accident in late September 2013.That means I’ve been on bedrest for about 5 months. I have had 8 blood patches, a fibrin patch, and the lumbar drain procedure. The only change it has made is that the lumbar drain caused me to be in the ICU for 14 days instead of the 5 we planned for and I was much worse when I got out. Pre drain I was able to stand for up to 3 hours before the pain and nausea. After the surgery… I’ve been out of the hospital a little over 6 weeks and I still can’t stand for more than 3 minutes before the headaches and nausea start.  So there’s that.

The current treatment plan:

I have found a Bowen worker (click the link to go to her website) who is completely awesome and willing to make house calls. I get a treatment once a week. Click the link to learn more about what Bowen work is, but the short version taken from her site is: Bowenwork is a very gentle and dynamic soft tissue therapy technique. Originally know as Bowtech, Bowenwork is now practiced and taught around the world and has been proven to be effective for both acute and chronic health conditions.  It is performed by applying subtle, yet profound movements to the body, enabling the body to heal itself.

I find that the day after treatment I’m more sensitive and can’t get around much. But the second day I feel MUCH better and definitely feel like this adds small but steady improvement to my symptoms.

This week I also had my second visit with a Craniosacral Therapist.  If you suffer from a CSF leak you will be thrilled to know that one of the events featured on the craniosacral teaching website is a conference called: “Beyond the Dura”. Yup these are our folks. Anyone who knows or cares that much about dura and the flow of spinal fluid is someone we need to be working with. Surprisingly there is not a lot of information online about CSF leaks other than bloggers, and chatrooms filled with fellow sufferers comparing different treatment plans.   But Craniosacral is worth checking out. Here’s a blip from their site: CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.   Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the  functioning of the central nervous system.   By complementing the body’s natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.

Nutrition: I’m making sure to keep my body well prepared nutritionally. I take two different Omega formulas each day. One fish based, one plant based. I take an Emergen-C to keep Vit C levels up and mix in a bit of Magnesium Calm. I’m also taking the Isagenix Daily Essentials with Product B, and the Isagenix Brain Boost. I really feel like they are both helping. I ran out for awhile and quit taking both and experienced a noticeable difference in clarity and memory.  I’m also taking Touchstone Super Greens + D as both greens and Vit D are so important to cellular healing.

The greatest news ever – I heard back from my acupuncturist with a Standard Process supplement that helps increase production of CSF. One of the things I’ve been concerned about is that my volume dropped so low during my last lumbar puncture (pressure of 4, down from 11) and when they inserted the drain, it didn’t drain any fluid (worth mentioning) over the 5 days the drain was in. So the concern is that not only do I have a leak, but I’m not making enough fluid. I just started the supplement and don’t have much to report. But they said it would be 2-3 days before I notice anything.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I also found MethylCobalamin on another bloggers site. It’s a B12 supplement. The bottle says “It is more concentrated than other forms of B12 in the cerebrospinal fluid where it can be used by the central nervous system. It donates methyl groups to the myelin sheath that insulates certain nerve fibers”. Yea, I pretty much bought a bottle instantly. Will let you know how it goes.

Of course it goes without saying.. but I’ll say it anyway. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a person researching myself. I share for others out there suffering, but please do your own research and talk to your own doctor before making any changes to your treatment protocol.

So, I’m positive. Both therapists are wonderful and I feel changes. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But change is good I think.

I’ve also been researching Dr. Linda Gray at Duke University as well as the Cedars Sinai program. I’m leaning towards Duke these days. Although I have a support system in L.A. so it feels easier to go there. But on the other hand, Duke has better imaging technology which means we may be able to fix me yet with a blood or fibrin patch rather than the “big scary open surgery”.

Much love to you if you’re in the same boat. CSF leaks are a crazy, unbelievable injury that is relatively unknown, life changing, and difficult to treat. We must all stick together.

Create your Sunshine Life. Even if it’s lying down. And if you’re not lying down. Please, get up and dance or something.



Angels and Affirmations


I’ve been a bit of a self-help fanatic lately. I mean, 3.5 months of downtime will do that to a person. Question everything. The meaning of life, of joy, purpose, you know the really deep stuff. I think because my mind isn’t cluttered by all of the small stuff that’s been filling it for years. Anyway, I digress…

Hay House is doing this incredible “Start the New You Now” ultimate webinar. It’s basically webinars by their heavy hitters, people like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer that everyone would love to see in person, but they rarely come to your town and/or tickets are like $300 each. So they are doing this amazing free series. Each day is only online for 24 hours, so you have to actually DO it. But it’s free, and incredible.   I highly recommend making it a priority for the next 4 days.  My favorite is a bit by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD. It’s called “Heal your Life with medical intuition and affirmations”. Of course, it had me at HEAL.

It is a fascinating series on combining the power of western medicine (MD’s) and affirmations. The doctor is a “real” doc. She studied at Harvard, got her PhD. She’s legit. And she studies how patient outcomes improve drastically when affirmations are used alongside traditional medicine. Interesting.


So what did I do? I pulled out my dusty copy of Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. I mean, I think 80% of households in America have this book somewhere. But I haven’t read it in ages. I liked it when I did read it. It’s nice, happy, soft, and warm and fuzzy. I didn’t give it much weight as far as healing. But what can it hurt? Hundreds, even thousands of people are using this technique to help them heal, I might as well try. So I downloaded meditation music online. I found lovely soundtracks with Theta and Delta waves (that is another science of it’s own, making music the frequency of specific brain waves to encourage meditation or healing). If you’re going to do it, you might as well go all the way.

Then I downloaded an app for my phone to play the music in the background while I recorded my voice saying affirmations.  I admit I felt a little like the infamous Saturday Night Live skit “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me”.  My plan is to play it before, during, after surgery. I like the music, my voice is quiet (going for subliminal programming here). It’s worth a try.

OK. So that was Affirmations. Now on to Angels.

I believe in Angels. I believe in Magic. I believe in the Law of Attraction. (if you don’t, you probably should just stop reading now…)


Since my accident, I have been seeing streams of numbers. Multiple times each day. Almost always 1’s and 4’s. Every time I look at the clock it’s 11:11 or 1:11 or 4:44. I play a word game on my phone, and my score is 1,111. 1’s and 4’s, together or apart, in sequence every day.   The last couple of days, it’s been 2’s. 2’s EVERYWHERE. I mean, it’s kind of disturbing how many times I see numbers 3 in a row every day.

The renowned Angel Healer and Communicator, Doreen Virtue, has a book about the significance of numbers and angels. She says that number sequences are the angels way of getting our attention, sending a message. They can’t exactly paint the sky, but they can send subtle (or not so subtle) messages.  According to Doreen Virtue:

111 = Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think  about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign  that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are  manifesting into form at record speeds.

444 = The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their  love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

222 = Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality.  Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the  soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words,  don’t quit five minutes before the miracle.

The last two days I’ve had a slight meltdown about the upcoming procedure. Just fear. Dread. Overanalyzing details and wondering if my team has properly thought through everything (you know, because I think I know more than my neurosurgeon.. LOL..) This morning I was filling out paperwork and realized my surgery is on 1/14/14.  Seriously? Oh, and I should be complete around 11am.

I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me. I think I’ll relax. Good things are coming. Really, really, really good things.

Maybe, we’ll even change the world. Life is good.  Fight through your challenges. We all have them. Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. Hold the vision of the life you desire.

Create your Sunshine Life today, with Angels and Affirmations. ~muah~


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