Quit your job and travel the world? Say what?


So I’m part of a Mastermind Team of bloggers. Six months ago, I would have laughed in someone’s face if they said that. A What?

I have a mentor that travels the world with her husband and her six year old daughter. They work from a laptop, blogging, and answer to no one. Currently they are living in the Canary Islands, drinking wine and posting ridiculously happy pictures in a tropical paradise.  They are the Unstoppable Family…  I started following her posts and FB account about six months ago. I think it was her smile. I want to live at the ocean and smile like that… She quit her corporate job (earning 6 figures) to live life on her own terms and figure out how to use the internet and Law of Attraction to create a new reality.


So I joined her team. Who better to mentor with than someone doing what you love, and doing it well?

Turns out she’s a pretty good mentor. We have a team. We all believe in Law of Attraction, Abundance, and integrity. We believe in being true to yourself, honest, and encourage each other to stretch farther than we’ve ever stretched ourselves to truly live our dreams.

My team is awesome. They don’t just SAY it. They do it. We have an acupuncturist on the team, who is also a blogger. He has Skyped me to give me Acupressure tips to aid my symptoms.  I receive daily calls and emails from my team (none of which I have ever met in person) checking on me, with true interest and love.  And while I’ve been in and out of the hospital the last six weeks they have been busy. Check this out…

This is Nathan and Hanna. They are the Lifestyle-Preneur team. They quit their jobs and are currently touring Vietnam.  And earning enough to sustain their lifestyle, from their laptop… these are not trust fund babies. They are working as they go.


OK So One couple is doing it. But …

THIS is Kimberley and Scott, the Inspired Travelers. Scott just quit his corporate job of 20 years and they MOVED to Phuket, Thailand! In fact, Kimberley and I joined the team together less than 6 months ago. She is a dear friend, with a clear goal to help her husband retire so they could spend some time together. Enjoying their life. And they DID it. They actually did it. Can you imagine quitting your job, moving out of your house and hopping on a plane to Thailand? Three months ago it was no more reality to her than it is to you, sitting there now. Don’t they look ridiculously happy?

Inspired Travelers

And this. This is my friend Regina and her husband Mike from Courageously Free. Regina works as a programmer sitting at a desk all day 50-70 hour work weeks. She’s exhausted. But she still makes time to blog. She shaves a little time here and a little there. Wakes up in the middle of the night (as she lives in New Zealand) to attend our mastermind calls and webinars. She has a laser focused goal to quit her day job and start living and loving life with her new husband. Well folks, today they announced that she will be quitting her job and they are going to move back to the states to live a remote / laptop lifestyle of their dreams. A few months in San Francisco. A few months in Miami… hard to say where they’ll go next. No strings. Traveling the world with your love. With only your laptop for an office.


I think that’s about enough inspiration for me to get out of bed this morning and start planning my tropical getaway. Who’s in?  Our team is planning our next Mastermind. Somewhere warm and delicious. I mean, we’re all friends, creating our reality out of thin air and the odds are better each day. Seeing people do it is the easiest way to convince yourself it’s possible.

And me. What do I want?  I just want to change the World, that’s all. No biggie. I want to create happiness and Sunshine for people. I want to help mommas at the end of their rope. I want to help people feel healthy and strong. I want to remind people that they should be HAPPY every day of their life. Whatever that looks like. Simple goals, really.  Just sprinkling Sunshine and creating happiness. Seems like a good life.

My boy

Can you believe that you can join this mastermind team for only $25? What if you could change your reality? Surrounded by people who love and support you, to do what you love, when you want, in the way that is authentic and true to you?

And you found out it would cost less than Dominos delivery and a cheap bottle of wine? It seemed too good to be true when I clicked the button, I figured there would be a catch, I mean I knew NOTHING about blogging…. But there is no long term commitment and you can cancel anytime. I figured it could be the best spent $25 of my life.

Do you know you’re capable of doing the work and following the plan if someone only handed you the blue print?  Seriously. CLICK HERE to check it out. Or click on the FREEDOM banner ad on the right column to see some videos and learn more…

Create your Sunshine Life… exactly how YOU want it to look.

Clover Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Quit your job and travel the world? Say what?”

    1. Hi Elena. You’re absolutely right. It’s all available free to anyone. But unless you have a reliable product, strong business plan, and secure understanding of social media, viral media, SEO and search engine processes, it’s awfully challenging. If your goal is to rely 100% on this for income while living in another country, I would definitely recommend a solid business plan, education, and mentorship, before jumping ship. Like anything you really want to learn to do well, it’s worth investing in education. At least it was for me. Besides, it’s so much more fun to work with a team that is also learning and growing together. But it’s not for everyone…

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