Best scavenger hunt EVER

This weekend we were all in need of a little fresh air. A little exercise. A little “Something Fun” as the kids call it. “Mom we want to do something FUN, not something BOOORING”. Aha. So you’re tired of laying in bed coloring with me? Well, it only took a couple of months. Not bad really.

But what is Fun? What can we do with time, budget, weather, without standing too long, and also avoiding ALL shopping centers considering it was the worst time of year to fight the crowds?

Scavenger Hunt. Of course.  Grab your cameras. Anything with a camera in the box you have to take a picture. Everything else you have to find and place in your bag to qualify for the ….. drumroll please…. PRIZE.  We printed these and taped them to the outside of brown paper bags and went to our favorite park/pond (the indoor items were to save me from a long day, every house has a squinkie somewhere, the question is WHERE??)Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Nothing gets kids attention like a “prize”. Doesn’t really matter so much what it is, but that there is one.

scavenger hunt

And the prize? Well after thinking hard about things that were really, really, great like Chucky Cheese, or a night at the cinema. I had a realization. Their favorite thing in the whole world was much easier, cheaper, and being over looked:

Scavenger prize

Family movie night with popcorn. Bed on the floor. Popcorn. Cheese and crackers. I even splurged on some organic apple cider in the fancy bottle (left over from Thanksgiving displays). They couldn’t have been happier. They told us it was the “best day ever”. Shizaam.

However, inadvertently I’ve raised the standard. Don’t know that I can trick them back into coloring and laying in bed anymore… 😉

Much love to you.

Create your Sunshine Life. By Creating Happiness around you.

Clover Sunshine

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