Wishes Fulfilled

This morning is a big day. A huge day. I thought to myself this morning “I’ve been on my feet all morning”. ….


Did you catch it? I almost didn’t. I’ve been on my FEET all MORNING. Literally. It’s 11am. I sat up at 8am to help my son set up a game of old school Pac Man (and I felt guilty doing so even thought I only turn it only about once a month). Then I made breakfast. Then I put on REAL clothes, and on and on. It’s 11am.  Before today, I haven’t been up more than 10 – 15 minutes at a time with a 1 hour break laying completely flat. (if you’re not a regular, I have been on bedrest for nearly 6 months due to a spinal fluid leak.)

I could dance… well, that wouldn’t be too smart in the healing department. I think I’ll just lay here on the futon smiling like an idiot.

Nothing really has changed. I’m keeping up on my body workers and my vitamins but I’ve increased my sheer WILL. And I believe that makes all the difference.

I have been listening to “Wishes Fulfilled”, By Wayne Dyer on my Audible. It’s amazing. I really like Audible books as I absorb differently hearing something than reading. In it, he talks about using the phrase “I AM” and the words following it to manifest your desires. “I am healthy, I am strong, I am pure joy, I am abundant” etc. It’s a daily meditative practice.  I have been following the practice, meditating and visualizing daily.

Dr. Dyer speaks of “I Am that I Am” as the name of God. Saying these words gives everyone the ability to change your perspective of yourself, self love, and confirm your desires without resistance.  The ability to love everyone, every thing, and feel joy in each moment is confirmed by your ability to access Divine Love.

OK. I paraphrased an entire, amazing, life changing book in like 4 sentences. It sounds crazy when I say it. Trust me, it’s worth getting the original version.  But ponder the possibility to be pure love? To love everyone for their unique gifts, (including yourself) and trusting the Universe that all will be provided at the perfect time.  Not to mention trust our angels to protect us from any harm. Imagine how many hours that would free up that are currently being spent worrying?!

I bought a discount Hay House Affirmation desk calendar (as it’s March) and tore off all the affirmations that have already passed and taped them around my house like a crazy person. When I see it I ask myself to say the affirmation out loud. I meditate at least once per day and I visualize and journal my life exactly as I wish it to be in excruciating detail, every single day. I fall asleep each night listening to meditative music and visualizing my desired life.   I have also started EFT (tapping) whenever I run into a fear or block.  My hypothesis is that with ritualistic dedication to positive thoughts, affirmations, gratitude, and visualization (not to mention reduction in judging, worrying, complaining) I can clearly and obviously change my life and heal my body.  It’s worth a try. I’ve got all this time on my hands.

So… I am Divine Love. I am Complete. I am Joy.

Create Your Sunshine Life by declaring your life as you wish it to be, out loud and for the world to hear.



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