a Better world.

This morning I woke up a little…better. Head a little clearer, hope a little brighter.  I’ve not been posting much as I had a really hard time with my last set back. Losing ground, at this point, was just more than I could bear. But all things pass. Today, I’m feeling a bit more Sunshine.

So as soon as the kids were out of the house, I started looking up Will Smith quotes and videos. I need to be pushed a little bit. OK, I need to be pushed a lot. Although I’m always in flux, I push to hard (i.e. sitting up for twenty minutes) and I’m sick for a week. But then I get … afraid to try. Afraid to make it worse.  planB

So today. I’ll be Brave. (yes, I DID just read the Divergent trilogy. Later than the rest of the world but I just got my vision back! I read all 3 books in 4 days! So EVERYTHING in my mind goes back to factions).

Hold the vision. Hold the vision. Hold the vision.

If you are blessed enough to KNOW what you want. To really, really, know what would make you happy in this life, then DO it. What would give you joy every day, and make you feel as all your dreams are coming true?

I don’t really know anymore. Move to Bali or buy a house? Open a new art gallery or sell? LOL. I’m seriously all over the board. Kind of like Julia Roberts (Elizabeth Gilbert’s) husband in Eat, Pray, Love. Changing my mind every single day!!  I think it’s time for change. I was thinking of the Steve Jobs Stanford speech when he talks about the series of seemingly unconnected life experiences that become the building blocks for greatness. So maybe that’s what it’s time for. Something fresh, new, and different.

Do you know? Do you know what you want the most?  Not just more money, or more health. But the whole package. The Vision. The Dream.

Create your Sunshine Life. Start with the Vision of your own personal brand of Greatness.

better world

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