Training for success

One of the cool things about my team, is that we have access to training by some amazing people. One of my favorite quotes: "You have to do the things that successful people do, in order to have the things that successful people have". What are you willing to do? For me, I know I… Continue reading Training for success

A Moment for Gratitude

This is a moment for Gratitude. Make sure and steal those precious moments as you can. Life is a whirlwind of stress and obligations and laundry... make time to stop and find the gratitude. We had a rough week last week, but buckled down and did what needed to be done. Changed dosages of our… Continue reading A Moment for Gratitude

Entrepreneurs and First Grade Teachers

So tonight, I went to my daughters parents night for Montessori First Grade intro. I did NOT plan on writing about it! Then again I never planned on network marketing, and here I am! You just never know what the Universe may bring to your doorstep. I have always heard Montessori is great. I have… Continue reading Entrepreneurs and First Grade Teachers