Training for success


One of the cool things about my team, is that we have access to training by some amazing people. One of my favorite quotes:

“You have to do the things that successful people do, in order to have the things that successful people have”.

What are you willing to do? For me, I know I am capable of anything. I know that I’m slightly on the stubborn side of determined (ok not slightly at all, I’m just really stubborn). But that’s a good thing in business.

Are you willing to turn off the TV and read? Are you willing to write daily in a gratitude journal? Are you willing to take the steps to change your life?

I have kids. I need to be with them. I NEED to. It’s not a desire. It’s a requirement, and I follow the steps and Mastermind with the big boys. And I’m getting there.

Just wait till you see what I can do. But in the meanwhile, I spend my days with my kiddos. And I’m grateful.

Grateful. How does it get any better than this?

Create your Sunshine Life…Today.
~Clover Sunshine

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