What is important?

There are two things that seem to always guide my direction. 1) will it enhance or encourage optimal health for my kiddos? 2) does it help fuel and direct my lifestyle dreams.

What guides you? Really, it’s an important question. Especially since not so long ago I realized that I was guided by what an employer needed, when they said I could vacation and how late I worked at night. None of which positively contributed to the lifestyle of MY dreams.

Kids health, that’s kind of easy. But not really. When vacationing, I ask “is there a fridge”, “can I cook myself”, “is there a space for naps?”, etc. etc. It matters. Nothing ruins a trip faster than fast food in a hurry, no naps and saying 100 times “stop jumping on the bed, there is someone under you and they will call the man in the hotel who will come and yell at us!”.

Does it fuel my lifestyle? That’s different.. Does the business, the people that I meet… do they contribute to a greater good? Am I on the path to my dreams or just killing time along the way. I choose the former. I choose my life. I work for myself. I surround myself with successful mentors.

The money that I make is not limited by the amount of hours I work or the time I spend away from my family. Now that is freedom.

What is your lifestyle dream? How long has it been since you asked yourself honestly, and allowed yourself to just dream it, like anything is possible?

And my favorite quote of all time “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail”

What do I do, you ask? CLICK HERE.

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