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5 items to add to your Facebook Feed

I use Facebook much differently than many people. The cool thing about FB is that it is smart and figures out what you look at, and brings more of that.  I used to pay attention to the drama of people I knew decades ago, or the endless pictures of kids (which I still do) but now I use it more as an educational and inspirational tool for myself when I need a quick recharge.

Here are 5 of my favorite Facebook feeds – if you’re here, there’s a good chance you may also enjoy:

1.  Healing ADHD & Aspbergers without Hurting – This woman is incredible. It’s a great feed to follow for ongoing recipes, tips, nutritional supplements and new studies. Hugely informative. If you look to the right there is a link to go straight to Amazon and purchase her amazing book.

2. Tut – Mike Dooley – Total uplifting, happy, lovely reminders of how wonderful it all is. Every messy moment.

3. Wake Up World – Great “news” feed for alternative news. Nutritional information, health suggestions, and new inventions to save the world. Wonderful perspective.

4. TED – Ted talks. Go there. Follow these beacons of hope. Take time to watch the talks, they range from 5 – 20 minutes and are always worth the time.  Great place to reset, find perspective, be curious and fascinated with the world around you.

5. National Vaccine Information Center– I know it’s controversial. But it’s life. This site isn’t against vaccines so much as it’s pro-education. As with anything regarding my family’s health I always check multiple sources before believing anything. But it’s a great place to stay informed of the newest information.

And one to grow on. My favorite. Liz Gilbert. I love her because, well… she’s REAL. She’s a real person. She’s candid about life, hope, flaws and love. You may know her as the author of EAT, pray, Love. She’s also been touring with Oprah on the Life You Want Tour. She’s a cool cat and does her own posting on FB so it’s worthwhile. (oooh and her new book, the Signature of All Things is amazing!)

Enjoy. Spice up your time a the computer with a few things that make you grow. In knowledge, in love, in peace, in hope. And for heavens sake, hide those drama queens that make your stomach flop. (it’s really easy and they will never know you did it – just click the little arrow in the upper right corner of a post and it will drop down and ask if you would like to hide all posts from this person ).

Create your sunshine life, everywhere you look. Leave little traces of magic for yourself to find when you least expect it (Mike Dooley feed).


Change Everything

Yoga and Superheroes

aH homeschooling. Wowzers. Talk about brining your “A” game every day. Being your best, your brightest, your most tuned in. Let’s face it, in the corporate world there are days you can skate (particularly higher up the ladder). If you’re not feeling well, or hungover, or fighting some personal demon you can close your door and work at 50% capacity for an hour, or a day…

But homeschooling? Oh, these wee ones don’t take any crap.  There are ON from the moment they wake. And if I’m not filling them up with a project or an idea or a book, they get listless and bored…and the fighting… it’s amazing how two little people can find so much to fight about!!

I find myself wishing, how do I teach them to meditate? I mean, they aren’t the type to sit quietly and watch mommy and try it themselves.  So what can I do?

Yoga. Boom. Rockstar moment.

But how will I get them to stand still and pay attention and enjoy it??

Bookmark this! The kids LOVED it. Two days in a row. This morning they requested morning yoga. It’s the perfect length to get some morning energy out of them and get them out of a fog.  The lady is beautifully silly and brilliant.  Afterwards we made waffles and they were clearer, more interested in projects, less wiggly.

If only this old body would let me participate!! How I’m dying to stretch with them.

Now, on to Super Heroes. With a 5 year old boy in the house, our life has a lot of superheroes in it. So we are all going as a superhero family for Halloween. Great fun and a wonderful way to introduce sewing (and bedazzling) to keep those little minds and fingers busy! Project for today: Logos to go on our marvelous capes!  Yesterday we went to the craft store and picked out the gaudiest, sparkliest felt we could find!

I’ll do my best to remember to take pictures. It’s not a strong point.

While I was making waffles I was thinking about superheroes. That as adults we can get a bit addicted to superhero complex and start being complacent in our life, waiting, searching, looking for someone else to save us.  A new Neurosurgeon with an answer. A test result in black and white to give us the answer to aches and pains. A lottery ticket in an old forgotten purse that is the winning jackpot. Someone, somewhere, save me.  We all have our trials, our pain, our desperate moments. I have found myself lately praying for … someone… something … to just ease the pain. To just make it all better.  I doubt I’m completely alone.

And it struck me, I’m wasting all this time praying and asking for the wrong thing. To the wrong person.

When I was young, I was so successful. I had no college degree. I was a young twenty-something, climbing the corporate ladder. and I never once prayed for “someone” to help me. I knew with every cell in my body that I could do it. That I could make magic. That I could change the world.  Despite that EVERY single PERSON told me it was impossible without a degree. It wasn’t. I was Unstoppable.  I can’t tell you exactly when I was too exhausted to believe in myself anymore with such fervor and passion.

So, from now on – deep breath – I pray to the Divine, God, ArchAngels, and the Ascended Masters when I need help or love or direction. I trust myself to receive the messages and take the steps.  I have faith that I can do it, I will have all the help I need, and I will STOP second guessing these precious messages when they come.

We are going to be our own Super Heroes around here. I daresay that the absence of desperation, hopelessness, and sorrow (which isn’t abundant, but it does sneak through a crack on occasion) will start to create a magical space. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter I I’m right or I’m wrong. Love, Hope, and Faith are always a good option.

Create your Sunshine Life. Be your own Super Hero. If only for today. Look to no one else to create your magic for you. Believe in your divine ability to move mountains and change the world. ~what could it possibly hurt?



Perspective and Gratitude, a year later…

One year ago today, I was in a car accident. For the last 365 days my husband has tirelessly supported us in so many ways.

Gratitude Quote

He has physically held me up during the never ending dizzy spells, held my hand during a hundred appointments, and paced waiting rooms during a dozen procedures. He managed all of the little yellow bottles (and their side effects) and been my memory, my balance, my reminder of hope.

He has played several thousand games of “I Spy” and “who am I” with our kids, learned to cook gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, preservative free, and managed balancing all of the nutritional needs of our household.  At the end of a long day, he summons the energy for a walk to the park and adventure hike with the kids.  For a solid year he has done all of the laundry, cleaned the house, paid the bills, mopped the floors, bought the groceries, while I laid in bed unable to help in any manner.

He does this while working a full time job, and spending many, many nights awake supporting our insomniac and nightmare ridden children.

Even as we think that my body is healing, I’m hit with sudden and overwhelming recurrence of symptoms which makes me bitter and angry and frustrated.  But somehow deep down this amazing man finds patience and grace, even knowing this triples his workload, he has never resented it.

Thank you my love. Thank you.  This too shall pass. Nothing is permanent.  The beach is calling…20140101_134535

Falling in Love with Abundance

Today, has been a particularly hard day. I don’t think we’ve had more than 4 hours of sleep a night since the Super Moon started messing with us. Our kids are so sensitive to the moon. Any big moon is sure to send us out of control for a day or two, but this one really left it’s mark!  And to add insult to injury, my son was up vomiting all night, so we really, REALLY have not had sleep in days.  I still cannot sit up or stand for more than about 3 hours without pain, and sometimes, I feel like there is just not a single drop left in my tank. I wonder how I can possible take any more?

Gratitude and joy

(I felt like kicking this guy in the teeth because

whoever said this never had a spinal fluid leak or a modified diet

or hypersensitive kiddos… I digress…)

I ran to Costco this afternoon, and when I got home I reached under the sink to grab something and saw a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Amazing how the smallest signals can send you into a memory, isn’t it? Peroxide made me think of my home, and growing up, and the magic brown bottle bubbling on a recently grazed and bloodied knee. And I smiled at my life.

I felt overwhelming and intense gratitude that I’m a mom with hydrogen peroxide under my sink. That I was cleaning out my fridge so I could place a big fresh shopping trip filled with meats and vegetables.  I was grateful to be able to stand up long enough to do it myself. I think it’s the first time in a year I’ve been able to stand long enough to shop and put my own groceries away. Actually, I know it is.

For a moment I was washed over with gratitude for my life, exactly as it is. Pain, mess, sleepless nights. I felt glad it’s exactly as it is, to be dancing in my kitchen alone while my wonderful husband has the kids out for a bike ride before bedtime. I stopped wishing and wanting and pining for the life that I used to have, or I used to think I had, or I used to think I wanted… and I just fell head over heels in love with exactly where we are right now.


I felt like my chest would split open with joy.  And of course, when they came home there were the tears and drama of bike crashes and brushing teeth, but I took it in stride. This is my life, every dirty little corner, and I do kind of love it. Exactly as we are.

Of course, I keep my gratitude/manifesting journal close and have plenty of conversations with the Universe about the humble changes (sleep, standing, eating a variety of food mostly) I’d love to see in the near future. But for now, in the midst of chaos, I love it here.


Clover Sunshine


Be the light, find the magic

Sooooooo, I’m nearly at the 11 month mark since the car accident. 11 months. I’ve spent the 36th year of my life on bedrest, and in hospitals, and in indescribable pain. Wow, what a journey.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons, OK that’s the understatement of the century. Each day is hard. It’s hard to wake up with a planet splitting headache and nausea, and god help me, please not the spins.  But it’s a daily reminder to Dig Deep. Deeper. Find the strength. It’s there.

The thing about chronic illness (a word I despise) or pain or whatever terminology you choose… is that there is NO SPACE for self pity. None. Every morning there is a choice, it’s called “deal with it” or “cry” and so help me, when the crying starts….it’s hard to stop.

And there are some things that I think you can only learn when you’re digging deep. Because you (from a favorite Jerry Maguire quote) “Are Incapable of Dealing with Bullshit”.

Some of my most treasured lessons from my 36th year:

1. Whatever you think you absolutely “HAVE TO DO” you “cannot miss” they “cannot do it without you” – you’re wrong. You don’t. You can. They can. Truth. (Ahem mother’s out there, slow down and read it again).   The world WILL keep spinning without you. Life will go on. There is absolutely NOTHING that cannot wait.  Imagine if you will all those things that are deal breakers, that you must do for the world to keep spinning – then getting in a car accident and being stuck in bed for oh… nearly a year. Guess what? Everyone lived through it.


2. Slow Down. Like a snails pace, then slow down some more. I’m built with one speed, Fast. Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Over achiever. Always racing to the finish line. Drive fast. Cook fast. Clean fast. Shop Fast. It might be genetic.. because I’m SLOW compared to my mom!  I’ve been rushing through everything and never knew it.  Nothing slows you down like bedrest. It’s like a freakin anchor. So now I walk slowly with my 5 year old and we look at leaves and cracks in the sidewalk and bugs, without the nagging sense of hurry.  When I shop, I move slowly and enjoy the experience. When my kids talk – I stop multi tasking and I Listen. I really listen to who they are and what they think. I don’t know that I ever really did that before. Not really, with the slowness it deserves.


3. Don’t judge. Anyone. Ever. For anything. It’s not your place. You have NO idea what they are going through. I have a whole post I can dedicate to this. But for now, trust me. When you leave your house, or get a phone call, or see something and you think “wow” and that little voice starts to judge. Just slap it. Send love to the person, double time, and a little to yourself as well.


4. Make time to meditate, pray, and journal.  If you don’t have time, like really seriously don’t have time, then you need it most. Make it a priority as if it’s your life on the line (because it is).  I believed in the power of prayer and the goodness of meditation and even thought it was a good idea to journal. But I never actually consistently DID IT. I never made time, I just thought about it and thought that was enough. IT’S NOT.  Make 15 minutes a day for morning prayer, meditation, reflection and at least 10 minutes at bedtime. Conscious time, not lying in bed as you fall asleep. It will change your life. I promise. Feeling short of patience? Irritable? Pain? Anxiety? Isn’t it worth 20 minutes a day to try, rather than calling your doc for a prescription? Or worse, just living with it?


5. Be the Light. Find the Magic.  Whatever you are going through, there is always someone going through more, dealing with “worse”. When you are teetering on self pity, just remember to be the light instead. Your light may shine for someone else who needs it, and that itself may give you the power to be strong.  By being the light, you also start to find the magic. And it will pop up in unexpected places if you are moving slow enough to see it.  The world is filled with love and hope and magic, but most of us are too busy rushing off to Target or judging what someone else is doing to notice.  Stop reading the tragedies and gore on the news. Take a 21 day sabbatical. Fill your world with positive affirmations, love, peace and hope. Fill your Facebook feed with people who inspire you, HIDE those with the drama.  And start looking, magic will pop up in the greatest places.


Create your Sunshine Life, without a year of bedrest. Slow Down. Be the Light. It’s the biggest reward you may ever give yourself.  xoxo



Love v. Fear – for the win

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the power of love over fear.   As someone that has spent a good deal of my adult life working in Marketing and Advertising, it always stops me dead in my tracks when I see an interesting new marketing strategy. I stop, contemplate, assess, and my statistical mind goes crazy analyzing possible results, trends and outcomes.  I get excited and love to see a new branding strategy, technique, or someone thinking “outside the box”.

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you that I’m frequently disappointed in the “end game” of advertisers.  So many brilliant minds at work with so much opportunity to impact the world, and unfortunately, the trend is to build fear and tell us we are less.   But, I feel like this is only the trend in the marketplace. I believe in the good of the human spirit. I believe that we all mean well. We just get a little lost, mixed up, confused.

Lately, I can’t help ponder this question:

What would the moral structure of our country look like if our brilliant advertisers, marketers, and product promoters promoted love first? What if they sold us products by reminding us to love ourselves for our exquisite perfection – rather than despise ourselves for our human qualities.  What if we started promoting public service announcements displaying kindness, love, laughter, joy?

Dalai Lama Quote

How would it change the mindset of the people? How would it change the dreams of our children?

What would become possible with a simple shift in the constant programming we receive? Yes, we can find positivity – but you have to make an effort. Which means that the people that choose to find love, peace, joy, usually do.  If you look, you can find beautiful ideas, images, thoughts, for free on the internet and in the world around you.

But what if it never occurred to you to look? What if all you can do is breathe? Most households still spend many hours each week watching TV, what are the themes they are being exposed to? Last time I checked it was pretty challenging to find something uplifting to watch on network TV. Most shows are either SVU quality (i.e. glamorized rape and murder) or Reality based (i.e. let’s all make fun of someone and laugh at another’s weakness, insecurities, imperfections).

What does that do to the way we speak to ourselves? To the world we expect to see each day?

How quickly could we actually change the world if we changed our programming?  Would you guess that Thailand is light years ahead of the U.S. here? Check out this commercial. I love it so much. I love it so very, very much. But mostly, I love the person that came up with the idea. I love the creative team that dared to dream. I love the person that spoke up and did something different.  This concept probably started with someone being brave enough to risk rejection in exchange for something beautiful.

What do you think?

Today, commit to beauty. Commit to praise yourself. Allow yourself to love every person you meet especially those that are most unkind. But most of all, notice the little voice in your head when it tells you that you aren’t enough.  And remind it that you are.  You are a good person.  You are perfection. You are love. You can change the world.

Create your sunshine life with Love. Tell Fear to piss off. We got this. And we have each others back. And life is so truly beautiful.

Clover Sunshine


The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

Does anyone else notice the interesting phenomenon in the world right now of searching for HAPPINESS?


There are new books and online “challenges” seemingly released every week regarding the science of happiness. The Happiness Project. Delivering Happiness. Finding Happiness. 100 Days of Happiness. Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

There are courses from online institutions, Hay House speakers and even UC Berkeley has a program on discovering happiness.

Both Metaphysical and top religious leaders from every corner of the world (and many formal religions) preach the importance of happiness in worship, faith, manifesting and living a Divine Life.

The world is obsessed with discovering Happiness.  The word is like a warm hearted, heavy bosomed friend. Happiness.  Little blond pigtailed girls in a field of yellow flowers, soul mates lounging near clear Caribbean blue water, hiking the backcountry of Montana with Man’s Best Friend. We all get a feeling in our heart when we think of happiness. So why does it only last a moment? Why is everyone searching so desperately for an emotion that we are all born with? Why are we going to meetings and asking our guru’s for detailed information on how to do it?

We are digging for something more. There is something deep inside that says this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

We are living a life that is not up to our potential. We got distracted by pretty objects, and ego driven goals, judging and comparing ourselves with the people around us, determining who and what is Good, Better, Best.  We were distracted by the pursuit of Financial Wealth, or Suffering while in Service, each trying to prove that we are a good enough version of ourselves. We have spent our lives judging.

How many hours of my life have I spent telling myself that I am not good enough?

We are not the right weight. We do not have the right bank account. We have not been good enough parents. We aren’t organized enough. We haven’t lived enough. We haven’t given enough.

We live in a society where happiness is not only NOT A PRIORITY, there is no room for it.  Our jobs demand countless hours, there is no priority for the value of vacation time, family time. Happy time. The marketing messages that we are fed tell us that we must buy something to be a better version of ourselves. How many hours of programming have we received in a lifetime telling us that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, rich enough? Of course we believe it. Television and radio have been subliminally programming us our entire lives.

Our schools, our homes, our jobs focus on gaining knowledge and wealth. Where is the society enforced focus on gaining happiness? Prioritizing happiness as a fundamental goal? It’s coming. There is a growing awareness that pushes against the old norm. The new awareness says, “I am enough. I am human. I am blessed. I am here for joy. I will make mistakes, and it is ok.”

There is a certain letting go that happens in the acceptance of who we are. And wouldn’t you know it, that letting go is the exact thing that allows Happiness to rush in. There is a shift happening. As a society, we are starting to place value in Happiness. We are forgiving ourselves and others.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. A world of happiness.

Ever wonder what would happen if children were taught to follow their happiness? Check out this amazing TedTalk. I promise it’s worth the 11 minutes.

There, I just saved you thousands in an education pursuing happiness. Your Welcome.

Create your Sunshine Life. Go Be Happy. Let that be how you make your decisions. Let that be your reminder to love yourself exactly as you are.  Because if you are happy first, then the rest of it really doesn’t matter, right?


Live It. Get on the Court.

I was thinking the other day about what I miss most about life outside of the home.  I mean, I can go outside now, I have a futon on the back porch so I get fresh air and sunshine (which is HEAVENLY mind you). We have a yard full of trees, so I get the breeze and the leaves and the cherry blossoms. I love it.

And honestly, the few times I’ve gone out, I get sensory overload pretty fast so it’s not all that enjoyable. So what do I miss so much?


*** Got a minute for a laugh? Vulnerability time. ***

I had a memory from about 15 years ago. I was living in Southern California,  with some guy I was dating, and not thrilled about it.  I wanted my own space, my own peace, the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and I was obsessed with the best and kindest way to exit Stage Left. I was also pretty broke at the time so in a moment of exquisite wisdom I decided that rather than making my auto insurance annual payment, I would instead “save” the money and put it towards a deposit on my new apartment. I’d have the money to get car insurance again in two weeks when I got my next paycheck.

You can kinda see it coming, can’t you? Oh, I loved that car.


Found an apartment. Squirreled away my pennies. The morning that I woke up ready to sign my new lease before work… and my car was nowhere in the parking lot. Stolen. For reals.  You’ve never heard such a loud internal shouting session with oneself. Especially as my caring boyfriend offered that I could use his vehicle until we got it straightened out.

Great. Now I also feel like a jerk.

Two days later I get a call while I’m at work that he’s throwing all of my stuff out of the apartment into the lawn. Apparently I had been logged into my email on our “joint home computer” and he saw the new lease.

Double crap.

No money. No car. No house. No boyfriend.

I rented a U-Haul truck with the last money I had at 10am, drove to his house and got my stuff.  There was a lot of shouting and neighbors staring while I packed my meager possessions to take to a storage unit.  As I unpacked I was careful to set up the furniture more like a living room than a storage unit. My couch was in the middle of the room and would work for me to sleep on without too much trouble.

Then, after all that, I had to go back to work.  I worked in a professional office, business suit dirtied and tattered by the dusty boxes.

My life had crumbled over the course of a few hours. I was alone in California. No family. Few friends yet.  I’m sure I looked a wreck, sweaty from moving boxes and furniture in the sun, tear stained, exhausted.  To my horror, the CEO called me into his office and asked me what the hell was going on?

Of course, me being me, I burst into tears, unable to contain the emotion of the day. I’ve never been good at controlling tears when I’m stressed. I sat there for a shamefully long time, crying and dripping snot, telling all of my failures to this man that I admired so much. I made bad financial decisions, bad love decisions, and now I had nothing and didn’t know what to do. (it’s all quite dramatic when you’re 21).

At the end of my long, sad, shameful story, I hesitantly looked up to make eye contact and receive my lashings. I was ready for his disdain, disapproval, maybe I would even be fired for my lack of judgement. But you know what? He laughed. He laughed long and hard, until his face was red and he was breathing hard. And you know what he told me?

He said, “Clover, at least you’re out on the court. No one can ever say that you sit the sidelines of life”.

I think that was quite possibly one of the kindest, most tender moments of my life. He gave me compassion for my mistakes and errors and encouraged me to embrace life rather than beat myself up anymore than I’ve already done.  He bailed me out. Turns out we had a corporate apartment for out of town guests which I was welcome to stay at for the next month. They would also be willing to make the down payment on a new dependable car as a bonus. Angels were all around me that day.


Funny, when you can’t get up anymore, you can’t leave the house, you can’t make nearly as many mistakes.  It’s harder to live on the court, when you can’t leave the house. That’s what I miss most. Laughter and dancing, people, commotion, mistakes, and fierce emotion.  I’m ready for that.

Create it. Your Sunshine Life – Get your ass on the court.  It’s ok to make mistakes. Just keep going.


Eating Greens, Detoxing, and Preparations

My next procedure is scheduled for January 14. I will be in the hospital for 5-7 days without standing. No standing up.. period.   Yeah, I always wanted THAT particular experience. Sooo not on my bucket list to live with a bed pan for 7 days. However, just think of all the weight I will lose on a liquid diet! 🙂 Silver Linings Folks. It’s how I am.


In preparation for the big day I figured I’d help myself out with a little Detox and Cleanse to help my body be at is optimal health for healing and rejuvenation (not to mention shrinking my stomach so I’m not starving to death!)   I’m so chock full of prescription meds and contrast from imaging that my body is in need of a good scrubbing.  The last two days I’ve been on the Isagenix Cleanse For Life, Deep Cleanse program. I never thought I’d be able to go TWO WHOLE days without food. In reality, it wasn’t bad at all. I just drank a TON of tea.  I chose this because it’s organic, all natural, and helps eliminate fat soluble, water soluble, and metabolic waste.   Then I started today on a daily dose of bentonite clay to help pull all of the remaining toxins, metals and chemicals out of the colon.

Now that I’m back to food, I’m dreaming of all the wonderful veggies I’ve ever wanted to try. Collard Greens. I bought some yesterday. A big beautiful organic bunch. Do you have ANY idea how good they are for you? They are full of vitamins, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, plus vitamins A, C, B Complex and Vitamin K. Trust me, they’re good on a whole new level. Scared of them? Me too. But dying to try. I’m not really a soft and sautéed veggie kind of girl, but I’m thinking a lovely vegetable soup with Chard and Collard Greens, and plenty of Bok Choy….

And Cilantro, oh I love Cilantro (and it’s natural detox and chelation properties make it that much sexier)! Not so much in the soup, but I’m making burritos for my family tonight with home made slow cooker refried beans (you seriously must make your own beans, it’s easy, cheap, and without any preservatives or nasty can liners – here’s my secret recipe).  Add brown rice tortillas and lime/cilantro marinated chicken breast with a heap of brown rice… ok. Can you tell I haven’t eaten in 3 days? I’m like one of those old ladies telling you everything she ate for the last week! Ha.  Add in some roasted root vegetables, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets… heaven.  Amazing how our bodies crave what we need.

I’m also packing for 7 days on my back. Crocheting, Audible books, coloring, might even bring back cross stitch (which I haven’t done since about 6th grade) depending on my patience and vision… I’ve successfully watched seasons 1-8 of Greys Anatomy so I’m also in need of a new brainless sitcom… Suggestions anyone? Projects, books, and movies I should put on my list?

You better believe I’m going to be living my Sunshine Life while I’m in the hospital. Bringing my favorite bedspread and everything. .. I wonder if I can smuggle in some sour patch kids? 😉

~Clover Sunshine

Are you ready to wake up and live?

Wake up and Live

Do you ever wonder about the Law of Attraction, and how powerful you really are? Do you wonder if it’s possible, could it really be true? Are you sometimes filled with an overwhelming gratitude for the abundant blessings you have been given?

The interesting thing about blogging, is that I find it impossible to write about anything other than what fills my heart. I cannot reliably plan or schedule blog posts, it’s more like spewing my soul on to the keyboard. Lovely eh? So, this is your “get out now” warning! LOL.

So, I’ve been candid (I’m a brutally honest sort of gal) about my life. My gratitude for a really incredible mentor. My challenges with my kids and their health. My commitment to sharing my knowledge and helping others create their Sunshine Life. And sometimes, the universe collides into one interesting day where it all becomes clear.

#1 – the kids have been struggling. So I don’t sleep. Like 3 or maybe 4 hours a night total. After 5 nights at this pace, I’m a zombie. I attempted a video blog today but it was too Night of the Living Dead-ish. I’m adjusting doses (of fish oil, zeolite, and diet) and sleep schedules and wondering how much is the impact of the increased mental output for school… it’s a dance. My son has a lung infection and coughs day and night, my daughter has been edgy, twitchy, sensory processing overload.

#2 – My whole heart commitment is to help people that are amazing, smart, fabulous, motivated people that hate their jobs. It breaks my heart when I know they are great, but they don’t really know it yet. I want to shout from the rooftops, I want to gift them with opportunities. I want to help them Create their Sunshine Life. It’s a HUGE motivation for me.

#3 – I have an art gallery in Montana. I love it. I really, really, love it. It’s like my soul in a funky old brick building built in 1918 that is owned by the Free Masons. It’s totally fabulous. It’s in Montana, and I miss it. (there is a banner on the side bar with pics if you’re slightly curious).

OK, so that’s the big back story. So, each day I follow the advice I give you. I start each morning early by writing in my gratitude journal. I attend a mind blowing MasterMind each morning at 8am. I work out for at least 30 minutes in the gym, and then I come home and work. I read my “statement of intent” each day and follow every lesson and direction of my mentor and Mastermind groups to the detail. But I’ve been distracted by the items above lately.

Today, the stars aligned. Like angels sang. I can’t NOT share with you.

#1 – I took my son to my AMAZING acupuncturist and we found an herbal remedy to help heal his cough, AND a new chiropractor called to say she had our x-ray results back and she was too excited to wait until tomorrow. She has amazing news that can make a huge change in health for both of my kids! (will share more tomorrow no doubt). Overwhelmed. Usually tests are “inconclusive” at best. I’ve learned to keep low expectations. Yet today, I got great news on two fronts.

#2 – I am recently flooded with friends and people I love that are looking for other work opportunities and eager to create change. It’s like a nod from the universe that this is a worthy quest and I should stay the course.

#3 – The employees that I have in place in my gallery are utterly spectacular. They love what they do, the economy is improving, and we share happiness in the form of “american made” art.


Oh, did I MENTION it’s my Birthday this weekend? Feel free to leave a comment. I usually throw myself a big birthday bash, but have been filled with distractions this year. We’re contemplating a drive to the ocean (ok technically the gulf but no need to burst my bubble) so I can slip my feet in the water.

So I guess the moral to this story is, Stick with it. Keep the faith. Stay strong in your visions of your perfect day, what you desire, how you want your life to be. If you do the work, it may just come your way. Let yourself aks “what if it’s all possible?” …

Much love to you all.

Please, start Creating your Sunshine Life Today.
(it’s just toooo good to miss)

~Clover Sunshine

P.S. – check out this mindblowing video by my team. The first couple of minutes are cheezy, but stick it out – it gets GOOOOD.

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