Mobile Meditation? Awesome or Oxymoron?


See, here’s the thing. I love the IDEA of meditation. Doesn’t it sound lovely? I mean, it’s up there with free massages and bubble baths.. and I have about as much time for it as I do bubble baths. Which is kind of NEVER!

But in all honesty, lately I’ve been stressed. You know when you spend more time as the “raving lunatic” mom than the sweet, patient one?  Those days when your temper is more fragile than keeping an egg yolk whole, and I tend to start yelling at something nearly as silly as breaking the yolk.

It was time for an intervention. And I remembered this App that I read about. “Headspace”. For reals. It is a free app for your cell phone with 10 minute guided meditations.  And honestly, it works better than Chardonnay! Took slightly longer than it takes to slug a glass, but I felt better afterwards. Calm. Relaxed. gathered. Patient.

I might just stick with this Meditation thing after all.

Do you Meditate? Regularly? For reals?

If you go a little nutsos, you may want to download the HeadSpace App. Amazing what can be accomplished by locking yourself in the bathroom for ten minutes with headphones and your cell phone. 🙂

Much love to you Mommas.

Create your Sunshine Life.. Today

~Clover Sunshine

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