Magical Magnesium


So lately I’ve been hearing a lot and reading a lot about Magnesium. The wonder substance.

Did you know that Magnesium affects all of the systems in the body and can benefit a variety of conditions such as:

  1. ADD/ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder
  2. Muscle Cramps
  3. Headaches
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Insomnia
  7. Eczema
  8. Healthy Teeth
  9. Healthy Mood

Well that pretty much sums us up right there. Seems like it’s worth a try. No one in our home has slept through the night more than twice in a row in 6 years. Clearly we deal with Sensory Processing Disorder. Headaches and Anxiety are daily concerns.

Magnesium is also a natural calming agent. Did you hear that? CALMING AGENT. We’re going to need it by the bucket.

I have a liquid supplement we take from time to time, but in all honesty I’m not as consistent as I should be.  I’m going to do a test and step up the daily supplement. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to make a homemade Magnesium Body Butter.  I think it will be a wonderful bedtime massage lotion and great creative project. Wish us luck.

Every time I try something new, I hold a little hope in my heart that this is the magical answer. Perhaps it is.  A calming agent that helps nerves, senses, and anxiety. Seems like we should all be taking it.

Does anyone have feedback on a Magnesium protocol with kids?  Seems like my daughter CRAVES all foods high in magnesium and she’s usually a pretty intuitive eater.  Although, I would prefer to supplement Magnesium with a leisurely swim in the ocean… who’s with me?

When the kids feel better, everyone does better.

Create your Sunshine Life..Today

~Clover Sunshine

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