Slowing Downnnn….and panties of the Year

Gratitude and joy


Well, nothing makes you slow down quite like a head injury. It’s like a permanent acid trip (or so I’d imagine).

But, it forces me to realize things that I haven’t appreciated in a long time. The smell of the grass after it rains – not the quick sniff while getting in the car, but a long leisurely walk for no purpose and in no hurry.. (ok a block was REALLY really long today). The sounds of the neighborhood, the beauty is moving slow, breathing slow, and not turning on the computer.

There is a balance in life between ambition – Creating the life you want to live, tirelessly. And enjoyment – having time, space, and gratitude for all that you already have. If the energy tips too far in either direction, life becomes off balance.

Ambition is usually where I err. I can work 20 hours a day, sleep in small and broken bits, and juggle chainsaws while running a business and managing to cook gluten free. In fact, I listened to an audio the other day about the downside to multi-tasking. It said the opposite of everything I’ve ever heard. DON’T MULTITASK. Pay attention the task at hand and do it well. Be it relaxing, enjoying, listening, or loving.  Hmm, that’s a good one. Don’t Multi Task. I kind of like it.

It’s a good lesson to remember – preferably before the universe reminds you in a none-too-kind event.

Slow down. Smell the air. Enjoy your children in all their slowness, looking at the world with wonder. When you slow down, it’s much easier to see exactly what it is that you desire. Everything gets much simpler and clearer. Everyone says to slow down, it always seems like a good idea – but when did you really DO it? Turn off your phone and computer? Listen patiently to your children and their stories. Lay quietly and let your body rest.

That’s what I’m working on now. That, and trying to choose underwear for my procedure tomorrow – considering half of Austin is going to get to see them. Wish I had ones with something witty across the butt…

wonder woman

Create your Sunshine Life – don’t wait.

~Clover Sunshine


P.S. You gotta love a blog post that starts with Buddha and ends with Wonder woman flying out of someone’s butt.

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