CSF Leak, Bedrest and Grays Anatomy

Apparently the jokes on me. How many of you saw it coming? After carefully planning my polka dot drawers, I mustered up all of my self confidence, rolled into the Cath Lab, put on my gown... and was delicately informed that "panties must be removed so they can get to my femoral artery (in the… Continue reading CSF Leak, Bedrest and Grays Anatomy

Slowing Downnnn….and panties of the Year

  Well, nothing makes you slow down quite like a head injury. It's like a permanent acid trip (or so I'd imagine). But, it forces me to realize things that I haven't appreciated in a long time. The smell of the grass after it rains - not the quick sniff while getting in the car,… Continue reading Slowing Downnnn….and panties of the Year

Alternative Holistic Concussion Treatment

Ask and you shall receive. Why of course.  Thank you Universe. Shortly after my last post I found out about Bowen Work. A holistic, all natural, massage type approach to concussions.  In fact, I even found a website explaining how pro-soccer teams are now hiring Bowen Work Healers as their results are SO effective in… Continue reading Alternative Holistic Concussion Treatment

Suggestions for Concussion? Carotid? “ask the audience” card in effect

Hello my darlings. I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Sometimes when you don't know what to do, it's time to ask for help. I haven't posted much about the accident as obviously it's still an ongoing case and well... I just have no idea about the "rules" of such things. Plus, I detest… Continue reading Suggestions for Concussion? Carotid? “ask the audience” card in effect