Sunshine is the best medicine

Sunshine is the best medicine

It’s kind of funny really. Although my mobility has been reduced to lying flat, (as in, no pillow flat) and my recovering brain only allows short spurts of thinking before a headache slows me down, I still make time for my rituals.

I wake each morning, and the cool thing is, I’ve never had time to lay in bed and think or manifest before getting up. It’s always been (since kids anyway) get up and start running. Or sneak downstairs for coffee, quiet as I can and try to get an hour on the computer before they wake. I never made my own quiet morning a top priority. Now, I have to. I lay here. I dream about my perfect day, my perfect life. I visualize exactly in excruciating detail what I desire.

Then I check Facebook (totally a junkie).

Then, I write in my gratitude journal. I do it every day. No exceptions. No complaints. No excuses. I start each day writing in my journal and I keep writing until I am so joyful and grateful I feel like my heart may explode or I’m flooded with emotion for all that I have.

Sometimes I get it out several times a day if I forget. Forget my blessings. Forget my gratitude.

By then, I’m exhausted and take a coffee break.

And then I do some personal development. Stream a YouTube video on my laptop, listen to an Audible book (can’t really read just yet).   Keep thinking and dreaming bigger. Bigger. Bigger.

It’s fun to get swept away in your dream life. It’s really, really fun. And the more you visualize it, the more you create it. Win/win. When is the last time you took a quiet moment to dream and visualize each step of your perfect life?  How can you possibly create it, if you don’t know what it is? You have to take time for that. You can’t just say you want “better”. What do you want? What does it look like? Do you want a new car, or do you want to be debt free? Both? I’m with you. But you have to get clear before you can make it happen.

Don’t wait until you’re on bedrest to make it happen. It’s Sunday. Buy a journal. Start today. Keep your gratitude front and center. You are an INFINITE BEING with power to create ANY life you desire. There are literally no limits. So what do you want?

What would you do when you open your eyes? Who would you be with? What would you eat? Where would you sit? (sitting outside in a lovely garden is a big part of my dream day both for morning coffee and evening wine). Where would you work? What would you do all day long in your perfect life?

Don’t waste your time, energy, or emotions on a life that doesn’t serve you. What are you waiting for? Start visualizing your Sunshine Life.

Much love to you.

~Clover Sunshine

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