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Mama Bear Love

I’m continually stunned and saddened by the state of the health of our children and the overall lack of concern by the population. The rates of autism increase daily, not to mention Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and a whole mess of other similar neuro illness with names like ODD, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc.  Our kids get sicker and sicker.

I can’t believe how many people that have not yet been touched by autism (or any of the other Neuro conditions), cannot muster compassion for those that do. The only explanation is that it is so terrifying, people can’t bring themselves to contemplate the reality of what that looks like.  What it feels like.

The growing population of educated moms learning to help their kids is awe inspiring. But they cannot do it alone. We have to help each other, sharing what works, sharing grace, acceptance and non-judgement when we experience these wild little creatures in our world.

If you run into a “naughty” kid in a public place, or a child trick or treating without a costume, please remind yourself not to judge. These parents and kids are dealing with more than most people could ever imagine and sometimes just surviving another day is all they can hope for.

Their nervous systems are on overload, neurotransmitters are out of balance, and many are sickened by regular day to day activities.

Whether these disorders affect you now or not, they likely soon will. With the increasing vaccine schedule, toxins in self care products (shampoo, soaps, lotion, toothpaste) gmo’s in our food supply and artificial colors that have been proven to be neurotoxins, fluoride in the water, and lack of sunlight and fresh air – these kids are all jumbled up.

SO please, have grace, send love, give encouragement if you see a stressed mom who’s child is melting down in Target. Read ingredient lists. Learn what is in your food, your water. Become educated about the world we live in and support others doing the same.  Take time to learn about initiatives such as GMO labeling, and reducing the toxins in your home.

Because it does matter.

These are our people. This is our planet. And we’re screwing it all up under the guise “that’s someone else’s problem”.

We work our jobs, take care of our kids, go to college, do homework, all the things that society says we must do. But we missed all the important stuff. We missed empathy. We missed personal responsibility. We forget to care about what we eat and trust a mess of politicians to do it for us. We must learn to care about our world and our people – all of it.

So please, the next time you think to yourself “that kid needs a good swat” or “that mother is doing a terrible job” consider to yourself that perhaps that mother is trying desperately to heal her child. Maybe she hasn’t slept in weeks. Maybe the child hasn’t either. Maybe someone gave her sensitive child a sucker filled with artificial coloring and high fructose corn syrup without her consent (happens all the time at banks and grocery stores) and the child is having a hard time processing. Maybe what they both need more than anything is understanding. Compassion. Respect.

Perhaps that Momma Bear is a warrior, studying late into the night, getting her very own personal online medical education with no goal other than to save her children and the children all around her.

Create your Sunshine Life – by sharing the Sunshine with someone who really needs it.

change theworld


The art of creating fear

We haven’t had cable TV in about a year. It just was an excessive expense with the accident, and the chaos so we cut cable and occasionally rent a redbox or find a movie or documentary at the library. Which means, we don’t watch the news. Yes, that’s right folks. WE DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS. Proudly.

Now of course, if you know me at all, you know I’m an obsessive researcher. I research everything from vaccine statistics to healthy eating, leaky gut, nutrition profiles and genetic abnormalities (not to mention I could hold my own in a conversation with top neurologists about CSF leaks!). I research water shortages in California and kickstarter campaigns with salt water filtration systems and crazy impressive solar power. So it’s not that we’re out of touch with the world. We’re out of touch with the fear mongering.


Recently, my husband had this brilliant idea to get an antenna ($8 so we could pick up local programming, the occasional guilty pleasure. Greys Anatomy or some fun cooking show.  We were totally and completely unprepared for the wild advertising, consumerism and fear mongering. HOLY COW. You don’t really notice when you watch it every day, but after a break and some perspective it’s appalling!

A new drug to help with occasional depression but side effects include kidney failure and death… but look how happy we are now! New gadgets and gizmos that no one on this planet actually needs but it’s being shoved down our throat as they next thing to make life easier and it’s only $19.99. All I can see is how many will soon be in landfills once people realize it’s just one more gadget for their kitchen to find space for and use once a year.

The other day I turned on the tv to watch a documentary with the kids and in the two minutes it took me to switch over from tv to dvd, some daytime talkshow (like The View-although I’m not sure that’s what it was) was showing clips from YouTube about some baby laughing when its dad coughed. THIS IS DAYTIME TV? With all that is happening in the world, with a new 17 year old winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, with all of the amazing inventions to save the planet, with all of the beautiful wonderful things in our world – you are using TV time to show me silly clips of someone’s baby from the internet???  Even my 5 year old son looks up at the TV (as they replay the clip for the third time) “ya, ya, we got it. This is ridiculous mom”. My thoughts exactly. What a lazy, greedy, excuse to sell commercials and take up TV time.

As someone who spent a good portion of her career in corporate marketing and advertising, I have a fairly good handle on the how’s and why’s for television commercials and the subtle techniques used for a “win”.

Don’t even get me started about Ebola. Does no one else think it strange that there are no positive public service messages to strengthen your immune system? Wash your hands? Get enough sleep. Consider a daily probiotic (proven to increase strength of the immune system). Ebola doesn’t kill everyone it comes in contact with. Survivors typically had a strong immune system.  No. It’s about creating fear. How scary it all is. How many people have died. How fast it is spreading. How the CDC has everything under control. No wait – maybe they don’t. It’s no big deal – but it is deadly. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that the public is being drug through. And that is as scary as anything else.  What about some confidence, strength, education, leadership?


Down with the fear mongering.  Don’t drink the kool-aid. Fear makes people stop thinking. It makes people stop trusting their own intuition. It gets people to hand over their power to someone else as it’s just too overwhelming to decide ourselves.

Lets lift each other up. Find strength, education, confidence. Talk to those whose opinion you value, and have an educated conversation, debate is ok – you don’t have to agree – the goal is to learn. And keep learning.  Trust yourself.

Raise your vibration. How about believing in miracles? Faith doesn’t cost a thing.

Create your sunshine life. Ditch the fear. Be your radiant self instead. Learn something new that is beautiful about our world. And for heavens sake, turn off that fear machine.

xoxo ~ Clover Sunshine


Be the light, find the magic

Sooooooo, I’m nearly at the 11 month mark since the car accident. 11 months. I’ve spent the 36th year of my life on bedrest, and in hospitals, and in indescribable pain. Wow, what a journey.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons, OK that’s the understatement of the century. Each day is hard. It’s hard to wake up with a planet splitting headache and nausea, and god help me, please not the spins.  But it’s a daily reminder to Dig Deep. Deeper. Find the strength. It’s there.

The thing about chronic illness (a word I despise) or pain or whatever terminology you choose… is that there is NO SPACE for self pity. None. Every morning there is a choice, it’s called “deal with it” or “cry” and so help me, when the crying starts….it’s hard to stop.

And there are some things that I think you can only learn when you’re digging deep. Because you (from a favorite Jerry Maguire quote) “Are Incapable of Dealing with Bullshit”.

Some of my most treasured lessons from my 36th year:

1. Whatever you think you absolutely “HAVE TO DO” you “cannot miss” they “cannot do it without you” – you’re wrong. You don’t. You can. They can. Truth. (Ahem mother’s out there, slow down and read it again).   The world WILL keep spinning without you. Life will go on. There is absolutely NOTHING that cannot wait.  Imagine if you will all those things that are deal breakers, that you must do for the world to keep spinning – then getting in a car accident and being stuck in bed for oh… nearly a year. Guess what? Everyone lived through it.


2. Slow Down. Like a snails pace, then slow down some more. I’m built with one speed, Fast. Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Over achiever. Always racing to the finish line. Drive fast. Cook fast. Clean fast. Shop Fast. It might be genetic.. because I’m SLOW compared to my mom!  I’ve been rushing through everything and never knew it.  Nothing slows you down like bedrest. It’s like a freakin anchor. So now I walk slowly with my 5 year old and we look at leaves and cracks in the sidewalk and bugs, without the nagging sense of hurry.  When I shop, I move slowly and enjoy the experience. When my kids talk – I stop multi tasking and I Listen. I really listen to who they are and what they think. I don’t know that I ever really did that before. Not really, with the slowness it deserves.


3. Don’t judge. Anyone. Ever. For anything. It’s not your place. You have NO idea what they are going through. I have a whole post I can dedicate to this. But for now, trust me. When you leave your house, or get a phone call, or see something and you think “wow” and that little voice starts to judge. Just slap it. Send love to the person, double time, and a little to yourself as well.


4. Make time to meditate, pray, and journal.  If you don’t have time, like really seriously don’t have time, then you need it most. Make it a priority as if it’s your life on the line (because it is).  I believed in the power of prayer and the goodness of meditation and even thought it was a good idea to journal. But I never actually consistently DID IT. I never made time, I just thought about it and thought that was enough. IT’S NOT.  Make 15 minutes a day for morning prayer, meditation, reflection and at least 10 minutes at bedtime. Conscious time, not lying in bed as you fall asleep. It will change your life. I promise. Feeling short of patience? Irritable? Pain? Anxiety? Isn’t it worth 20 minutes a day to try, rather than calling your doc for a prescription? Or worse, just living with it?


5. Be the Light. Find the Magic.  Whatever you are going through, there is always someone going through more, dealing with “worse”. When you are teetering on self pity, just remember to be the light instead. Your light may shine for someone else who needs it, and that itself may give you the power to be strong.  By being the light, you also start to find the magic. And it will pop up in unexpected places if you are moving slow enough to see it.  The world is filled with love and hope and magic, but most of us are too busy rushing off to Target or judging what someone else is doing to notice.  Stop reading the tragedies and gore on the news. Take a 21 day sabbatical. Fill your world with positive affirmations, love, peace and hope. Fill your Facebook feed with people who inspire you, HIDE those with the drama.  And start looking, magic will pop up in the greatest places.


Create your Sunshine Life, without a year of bedrest. Slow Down. Be the Light. It’s the biggest reward you may ever give yourself.  xoxo



Free Resources Series Day 1 – if you’re in a funk…

Hello Hello

Sometimes we all get in a funk. Usually a glass of wine, or hot bubble bath will do the trick, but sometimes we need a little bit more. Something deeper.

This week I’m going to offer information with FREE RESOURCES ONLINE for personal development.

Check out the Hay House Radio App and take advantage of the time you have whether in the car, or making dinner. Raise your vibration and get back to your sunshine life. Don’t wait. Seriously. It’s much more fun in the sunshine.

Clover Sunshine

Delivering Happiness – Rocks

So I’m back to video blogging. It’s been awhile but the folks at Delivering Happiness made me SO HAPPY today I just had to!

I can’t wait to take a pic with my new shirt!

Create your Sunshine Life, by making others happy!

~Clover Sunshine

Overwhelming Joy and Gratitude

Sometimes you need to slow down and give your self a reality check. Be grateful for the simple abundances of life, the things that go right, the simple joys.

Abraham Quote

 I am so grateful that:
  • I have had my last needle in the spine for the week. Yay!
  • a friend I have only met once offered to clean my bathrooms while I’m down. (imagine that).
  • I got a grown up coloring book today and I LOVE it.
  • I have a GREAT medical team that is kind and funny and takes good care of me.
  • Tomorrow is Friday and Family Movie Night. Looking forward to spending time together….
  • My MOMMA will be here in less than 1 week.
  • I have amazing teams around me, family, friends, work. I am surrounded with love.
  • I can see a lovely evening sky from my bed.

What are you grateful for?

Energy flows where attention goes. You are magical, start acting like it.


Create your Sunshine Life.

Clover Sunshine

Sunshine is the best medicine

Sunshine is the best medicine

It’s kind of funny really. Although my mobility has been reduced to lying flat, (as in, no pillow flat) and my recovering brain only allows short spurts of thinking before a headache slows me down, I still make time for my rituals.

I wake each morning, and the cool thing is, I’ve never had time to lay in bed and think or manifest before getting up. It’s always been (since kids anyway) get up and start running. Or sneak downstairs for coffee, quiet as I can and try to get an hour on the computer before they wake. I never made my own quiet morning a top priority. Now, I have to. I lay here. I dream about my perfect day, my perfect life. I visualize exactly in excruciating detail what I desire.

Then I check Facebook (totally a junkie).

Then, I write in my gratitude journal. I do it every day. No exceptions. No complaints. No excuses. I start each day writing in my journal and I keep writing until I am so joyful and grateful I feel like my heart may explode or I’m flooded with emotion for all that I have.

Sometimes I get it out several times a day if I forget. Forget my blessings. Forget my gratitude.

By then, I’m exhausted and take a coffee break.

And then I do some personal development. Stream a YouTube video on my laptop, listen to an Audible book (can’t really read just yet).   Keep thinking and dreaming bigger. Bigger. Bigger.

It’s fun to get swept away in your dream life. It’s really, really fun. And the more you visualize it, the more you create it. Win/win. When is the last time you took a quiet moment to dream and visualize each step of your perfect life?  How can you possibly create it, if you don’t know what it is? You have to take time for that. You can’t just say you want “better”. What do you want? What does it look like? Do you want a new car, or do you want to be debt free? Both? I’m with you. But you have to get clear before you can make it happen.

Don’t wait until you’re on bedrest to make it happen. It’s Sunday. Buy a journal. Start today. Keep your gratitude front and center. You are an INFINITE BEING with power to create ANY life you desire. There are literally no limits. So what do you want?

What would you do when you open your eyes? Who would you be with? What would you eat? Where would you sit? (sitting outside in a lovely garden is a big part of my dream day both for morning coffee and evening wine). Where would you work? What would you do all day long in your perfect life?

Don’t waste your time, energy, or emotions on a life that doesn’t serve you. What are you waiting for? Start visualizing your Sunshine Life.

Much love to you.

~Clover Sunshine

Delivering Happiness

So, I flew to Chicago to meet a girlfriend for a pet food convention (looong story).

But, as happens a great majority of time when you fly, flights are delayed and cancelled.

How do you handle situations like that?

You choose how you spend your life. How you feel? How you react to stressful situations and how you impact those around you.

Make a good choice. Create a Sunshine Life for yourself and those around you. In the end, we all get to the same place but if you do it in joy is up to you.

Create your Sunshine Life Today!

~Clover Sunshine

What are you missing?

What are you missing out on in your own life?

Are you spending your time working for someone else rather than building your own dreams?

Only 6 months ago I would have missed this lovely day. I wouldn’t have been able to spend the afternoon with my kids, laughing, smashing rocks and watching the clouds. I would have been working for someone else while they were in after school care.

And kids get big quick. And we spend so much of our time on the necessary details of life – making dinner, cleaning house, laundry, homework. And not enough time enjoying the simple, magical, wonders of childhood.

I’m grateful that I can work online. I can build my business via the internet in a few hours a day and the rest of the time I’m creating the life I want to live.

I can sit down and purposefully decide what I want to do each day, what my goals are, and work with a team that encourages me.

I feel so blessed.

If you’re curious if you could do the same you can click here to see if it’s your cup of tea…

Whatever you do
Create your Sunshine Life…Today

~Clover Sunshine

Leaving on a jet plane in… 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 …

I’m sooooooooo excited! Can you tell? Can you tell?

This momma doesn’t get out much. This momma doesn’t get out at ALL! Not for dates, or dinners out, let alone several DAYS to myself. I have no one to blame but myself, I know, I know. But it is hard. The kids have legitimate issues and it makes it SO very hard for one person to manage the schedule and food and routine and supplements … (ahem, and I might possibly be the slightest twinge of a control freak about their care – but in my defense, I work really hard to get us to this point. Eating junk food and staying up late could set us back weeks…)


Granted, it’s to a pet food convention to help a friend with her business. It will be long hours on a tradeshow floor talking all day. But no one will be hanging off of me or WHINING! Oh glory day.

I love my kids, more than the moon loves the stars, but DAMN this momma needs a break! Do you know what I mean? Do you take time for yourself?

I would say that is where I need the most personal growth – doing things for ME. I always put myself last, and that’s not healthy or generous with myself.  And it’s not good leadership.

So it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Once a week I’m going to do something selfish, just for me. Even if it’s just a cup of Starbucks and 20 minutes reading my book while drinking it (sounds like LUXURY to me).

I’ll check in and let you know about my selfish little journies to bliss to encourage you to do the same. We are better parents, friends and spouses, we are more patient, more kind, more joyful when we have time to remember who WE are. You know, before we were just walking zombies going through the motions? 🙂

I remember that girl. I like her. I think I’d like to know her again.  So I’m packing my bags for 5 whole days of freedom. Be prepared, I’ll be the one whining by Day 3 that I miss them!

What can you do for yourself this week for pure Joy?  Where would you go if you were getting on a jet plane, without kids, and with unlimited resources?

Create your Sunshine Life…Today.

~Clover Sunshine

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