Color Therapy

Color-Therapy-Color-WheelDo you ever notice that color makes your heart jump? It does for me anyway. It can make you feel all warm, cozy, loving, or sad, empty, dark. There is actually such a thing as color therapy, and you’d better believe the best Advertisers in the world are intimately familiar with our reactions to certain colors.

I’ve been on bed rest for over a week. I get pretty bad double vision when looking at the computer, and severe headaches when I try to “Think” too much. Imagine that. Laid out and can’t even keep “working”. Researching things on the computer, checking emails, etc. So what do you do? Because I can’t be expected to stay still and just watch TV. I mean, THAT is never going to happen.

I got on Amazon Prime and found myself a grown up coloring book. Mandalas. And some great colored pencils. And I lay here and color. And it makes me feel better. Some are mostly blues and greens, some pinks, the one I’m working on now is yellow and pink and I love it. I realized, it’s the color. Choosing the colors by feel. I think it’s healing.  I wonder how much good it’s doing my brain, and heart, and emotions. It just feels good, you know?

There is also a chakra connection to color.

Chakra Colors So perhaps intuitively I use the colors that I need. I’m not sure. But it gives me something to do and makes me feel happy. I believe in the power of color. Always have. Always will. Come to think of it, I have an art gallery, dedicated to color (click the link to go there). Imagine that.

Silver Fish Gallery

Silver FIsh Gallery Eureka MT

What do you think? Are you a color person?

What do you do, when you can do nothing, to keep yourself busy?

Much love to you all.

Create your Sunshine Life…with Color.

~Clover Sunshine

5 thoughts on “Color Therapy”

  1. I have to get one of those coloring books. I don’t know if I will allow myself time to sit and do it, but I’m going to try!

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