Mealtime Organization

Recipe Planning

OK, I have a lot of time on my hands. But this IS SO worth it.

I saw the idea on Pinterest and have been dying to try.  Mealtime is a big deal around here. We’re primarily gluten free, GMO free, low dairy, high protein (blood sugar issues) and NO SUGAR. So mealtime planning with a budget takes a significant amount of energy every week.

I found some inexpensive 12×12 frames at Michaels. Then purchased 12×12 paper by the piece and some ABC stickers (and flowers and fun things for the kids to stick). Make the paper look how you want, then insert paper into frame behind the glass.

I created a list of all of my “go to” meals and printed them on pretty paper.  I just found an Avery label that created two columns and several rows. One column has the name of the dish, name of cookbook & page of the recipe, and if it’s a FREEZER meal or CROCKPOT meal. The column next to that lists all ingredients necessary. Print, cut rows, and fold in half. The lady on Pinterest laminated at this point, but since I’m house bound I just folded and used a little scotch tape to hold it together.

I found mini clothespins at Michaels (like a dollar for 18 of them) and as a kid projected we painted them and cut pieces of pretty paper and mod podged (the cheap version – half elmers glue, half water) the pretty paper to the clothes pin. Entertained the kids for hours.  Then just hot glued them to the frame.

The box in the middle is a crayon box (24 count) wrapped in pretty paper like a gift. Cut the top open. Then hot glued to the glass in the picture frame.

Each recipe is picked for the week. Anyone can do it. Kids can help. Then flip them all over and create the grocery shopping list. (my 6 year old LOVES being in charge of creating the shopping list). Extra recipes are stored in the box.

We have two frames. Breakfast / Lunch and Snack / Dinner. This way my husband can help pack kid lunches and snacks, I can make sure we have the correct groceries in the house for enough meals, we save a ton as we aren’t splurge shopping, and there is never the dreaded “what are we having for dinner tonight?”.

Move over Martha…

I’m creating MY sunshine Life with mealtime organization.  That means I get more time on Sundays and more time to sit and enjoy a glass of wine BEFORE dinner. Shizaam.

Mealtime Organization

Create YOUR Sunshine Life.

Clover Sunshine

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