The Martha Stewart Thanksgiving… I dream of

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving

<<Photo Credit: Martha –  Photos by Marcus Nilsson – Click the photo to link directly to the page>>


Thanksgiving is coming! Which means Christmas is coming! And I am a FREAK for all things Christmas. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but secretly I LOVE it when the shops decorate for Christmas early and it’s all sparkly and twinkle lights. Everyone believes in magic and the five year old in me is in HEAVEN.

So naturally, Thanksgiving is the “gateway drug” to Christmas Junkies. Which means, it’s only proper to have a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving. Well, it’s what I dream of. I dream of using all of the recipes that I’ve carefully torn out of the last 10 years of Martha Stewart Magazines. A special shopping trip to Crate and Barrel for linens and gorgeous place settings, and a …. 12 course meal? Is that SO unreasonable? Well, EVERY SINGLE person I’ve ever told this to does think I probably should seek medication. But I’m convinced in the big world of Blogging, someone, somewhere desires a crazy ass Martha Thanksgiving, too? Perhaps we could meet and cook for weeks and eat together?

Beet Tart

I had the best beet tart of my life… of COURSE it has goat cheese and a homemade amazing flaky crust (if you’re interested, click here to go to the recipe), well that has to be on the menu.  And asparagus, and crudité (with amazing lovely handmade dips of all colors) and a brined turkey, and sausage stuffing, and mashed potatoes and stuffed sweet potatoes (the real ones, no canned!)  Homemade bread rolls and several pies.

Thanksgiving is the one time of year I allow myself to enjoy tradition and we throw special dietary needs out the window. It’s the ONE meal I don’t care what my kids like or will eat, I’m making it my way. They can eat the parts they like and go outside and play, I plan on pulling out maternity pants and making a day of this.  Who’s in?

Lets Create our Sunshine Life with a radical Thanksgiving (yes, I did just say Radical, I’m really feelin it tonight)

Clover Sunshine

Thanksgiving Table



1 thought on “The Martha Stewart Thanksgiving… I dream of”

  1. I’m IN! But I admit I have a problem wasting time on something as gorgeous looking as the tart when it involves BEETS! Maybe just goat cheese and pastry! It would be an awesome Thanksgiving, would it not? You keep planning the menu~it will happen! (Can I borrow some maternity pants?)

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