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Healing without hurting

Friends! This is amazing. I have finally finally had time to properly place my nose in the most amaze-balls book and it’s blowing my mind. So of course, I’m ready to share! I’ve been looking forward to its release for months, and then life happened and it’s been sitting on my Kindle waiting for my vision, and time, and sleep patterns to align themselves! And here we are.



If you have a child, and you know something isn’t quite “right”. If your “mommy alarm” is going off, even if there is no firm diagnosis, read this book! If your life is just harder than it seems it should be, you’re not alone.

She discusses everything from food sensitivity, antibiotic use, vaccines, genetic mutations, tests and doctors and support options. This is an amazing manual from a mom that has done it, and done it very, very well.

We have been getting deeper and deeper into genetic data and the results are mind blowing. Granted, it’s a little overwhelming to go back to chemistry and remember RNA and DNA and atoms… but, when it’s related to your child and how they feel it’s EVER SO MUCH MORE fascinating than it was in college! orrrr maybe I’m just geeking out.

Last night I handed my husband the chapter on Oppositional Defiance Disorder (yes, it’s a real thing) at 11pm. I mean, how could I NOT?  We’re 10 for 10 on the “you might have this if:” list. And there is some reassurance that it’s not just us, our parenting, our discipline. It’s not just that we SUCK as parents.  There is a real, valid, understandable reason for this behavior. It’s not an easy fix mind you, there is no pretty yellow pill that makes it all go away, but there is a roadmap. And if you stop to pay attention to it, it all kind of makes sense.

Gosh, we’ve been to so many doctors, and healers, and specialists, and … everything. And never found real answers, but now it’s all finally falling into place.  So grateful.  Just keep going, don’t let anyone discourage you.


Now I can’t wait to get all of our tests by 23andMe and our Igg Food Sensitivity test!

I leave you with a lovely quote from my dearly departed friend. xoxo

Create your sunshine life, keep going and loving, and believing.


One Step at a Time

Oh So many things. Sooo many things to share. It’s been Forever.

Today, my daughter asked me for advice. Real honest, loving advice. Not eye-rolley, or snotty, but lovely – GRANTED it was how to win at Candy Crush, but hey, beggers can’t be choosers. I’ll still remember the day forever, except in a few months I will change it in my mind to something probably a bit more poetic, today I’m honest. It was Candy Crush.


My learning with Methylation and genetics moves forward. I feel a bit at times like I’m lost in the Matrix. Deep in data with numbers and studies all around me and I forget where I am. It’s a process, but a worthy one. I can’t wait to figure it out and share with all the mommas and daddies out there searching… It’s like a fast track back to college. Chemistry and ick. But it’s a new goal when it helps your kids. So I just stick with it.

In the meanwhile, as we’ve been so diligent reducing our diet, any small infraction causes huge upset. Last week I made a roast chicken for my husbands birthday and as a “special” treat I tucked an onion inside the bird as the kids had another meal planned. We haven’t been able to cook with onion or garlic in months due to my sons sensitivity, and it felt like a special occasion. However, when we boiled said chicken for broth we forgot to remove the cursed onion. My son drank the broth last night and was sick all day today. Poor little guy.

I’m going to start researching an aggressive digestive enzyme therapy to begin to start to build tolerance to these sensitivities. We’ve had it out of our diet for over 3 months and drinking bone broth and grass fed gelatin like it’s going out of style and the sensitivity only goes stronger. The problem foods are like the “one Ring to Rule Them All” (geeky Lord of the Rings reference) where the attraction and impact only grows stronger with time.

I digress.

We are making it. Each day. I’m up more than I used to be. I’m trying to come to a calm and loving acceptance for my new way of life. It isn’t what it was before the accident, but it’s better than it has been. Perhaps I need to focus on patience for awhile.  I’m working on getting IGG blood tests for both kids to assess food sensitivities and continue to work towards understanding the mutations we have and how I can heal them nutritionally.

I haven’t lost hope. Sometimes I even still dream of Bali. You know, if I could make the flight and all of the stars aligned.


Somedays It’s not any more exciting than one foot in front of the other. And that’s enough.

Create your Sunshine Life. One small Step at a Time. With patience.


The Martha Stewart Thanksgiving… I dream of

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving

<<Photo Credit: Martha –  Photos by Marcus Nilsson – Click the photo to link directly to the page>>


Thanksgiving is coming! Which means Christmas is coming! And I am a FREAK for all things Christmas. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but secretly I LOVE it when the shops decorate for Christmas early and it’s all sparkly and twinkle lights. Everyone believes in magic and the five year old in me is in HEAVEN.

So naturally, Thanksgiving is the “gateway drug” to Christmas Junkies. Which means, it’s only proper to have a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving. Well, it’s what I dream of. I dream of using all of the recipes that I’ve carefully torn out of the last 10 years of Martha Stewart Magazines. A special shopping trip to Crate and Barrel for linens and gorgeous place settings, and a …. 12 course meal? Is that SO unreasonable? Well, EVERY SINGLE person I’ve ever told this to does think I probably should seek medication. But I’m convinced in the big world of Blogging, someone, somewhere desires a crazy ass Martha Thanksgiving, too? Perhaps we could meet and cook for weeks and eat together?

Beet Tart

I had the best beet tart of my life… of COURSE it has goat cheese and a homemade amazing flaky crust (if you’re interested, click here to go to the recipe), well that has to be on the menu.  And asparagus, and crudité (with amazing lovely handmade dips of all colors) and a brined turkey, and sausage stuffing, and mashed potatoes and stuffed sweet potatoes (the real ones, no canned!)  Homemade bread rolls and several pies.

Thanksgiving is the one time of year I allow myself to enjoy tradition and we throw special dietary needs out the window. It’s the ONE meal I don’t care what my kids like or will eat, I’m making it my way. They can eat the parts they like and go outside and play, I plan on pulling out maternity pants and making a day of this.  Who’s in?

Lets Create our Sunshine Life with a radical Thanksgiving (yes, I did just say Radical, I’m really feelin it tonight)

Clover Sunshine

Thanksgiving Table



Elimination Diets Suck. For Real.

So, on Day 2 of my kids health series we need to talk elimination. Ugh. There is just no easy way to say it.

But it’s important. And furthermore, it WORKS. So before you grab a glass of wine and put your head in your hands, hear me out. (well, wine is really ok at any point).

Start quietly taking note of all of the chemicals in your life. Dish soap, shampoo, hand soap, carpet cleaners (ewww), air fresheners (bigger eww), laundry soap.  You don’t have to change it all at once, but start to pay attention. Some of us are more sensitive than others. Those little tiny amounts of chemicals could be making you (or your kids) sick.

What about food? Packaged foods? Processed foods? Is it really food? Can you read the label out loud with confidence? Do you wash your fruit? Really, do you??? 😉 Do you know that the people that pick strawberries in non-organic fields have to wear Haz-Mat suits? not kidding here… Suddenly the extra $2 for organic seems like a pretty good deal, eh?

Don’t change it all today and stress yourself out. Just start a quiet mental list and think about what you could change without too much difficulty (while you pour another glass of wine).

Tomorrow we talk tests. The reasonably priced kind that give YOU the information…

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